The life simulator par alive has shown its character editor in detail in a new trailer. The title developed by Alex Mass, which will reach PC on a date still to be announced, wants to emphasize the large number of options we will have to create our para folk. For this reason, and complementing the progress we could see in May last year, in this video we can check how, in addition to modifying the millimeter of the body and the body type by sections, its advanced customization options make it possible to modify Each eye independently or place lunacies anywhere in the body.

Presented in 2019 as an independent version of the SIMs, Para lives has based on his marketing campaign to show the absolute control of the experience we will have as players. Last June, developers published an 11-minute video focused on all and every one of the construction and decoration options we will have to design our home. As you have already advanced on multiple occasions, the title will allow us to choose between several races, attend social events of all kinds, form a family and adopt pets.

«Since there are notes, you live and die. At least do it in a good house! Para lives is an indie game of life simulation. Build the house of your dreams, create characters and control their lives as you want!, We read in the official description. The title will have two modes; Construction and simulation, which will allow us to distribute our game time at pleasure.

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Para lives will come to PC on an unannounced date.