Until recently, I had never heard of Victoria, which turns out to be an engineering and design company seeking to create the best accessories for e-sport professionals, players and streamers. Which seems to be a rather gargantuan task if you ask me. But when you were asked to look at the Wireless Helmet Victoria Gambit, I was really delighted to see what San Diego had to offer. It turns out that the Victoria Gambit has a fantastic look and sound, but it would have been great if he had come with just a little more for his price.

If you are a fan of purple, put on these rocket boots and get ready for takeoff. The Victoria Gambit is a wonder right out of the box. Of course, it is a more old-fashioned design, with real dial buttons and no detachable microphone, but it’s always a very sexy helmet. Its entirely black frame has purple reflections everywhere, including seams on vegan leather and even along the microphone itself. Both are a nice touch.

Victrix Gambit | Tournament Performance Headset at Home

The Victoria Gambit is light, but lasting with just what it takes flexibility to not feel like having to spend a few hours break. The quality of manufacture is high. In addition to the usual height adjustments, it also allows more lateral adjustments. Fortunately, anyone with a wider head can feel comfortable wearing it for long periods. That said, those who wear glasses or who have bigger ears may not find the leather atria as comfortable for longer play sessions.

On the left earpiece, you will find the power button, the mutable and incredibly foldable rocking microphone (you can fold it in the direction of your choice without fear of break it) and a mode button. This mode button does not affect your game experience much, but it offers three different options for voice monitoring: low, high or no voice surveillance. This is a personal preference as to how you want to hear your own voice when you talk with friends. This left earpiece also has a battery charger and a headphone jack. There is only one thing on the earpiece: a sound dial. You will definitely notice the difference in volume here, but the Victoria Gambit does not allow you to break the eardrums of the maximum volume level. Which, I suppose, was the responsible decision to take here. In addition, with the ability to suppress noise, it actually amplifies all the sound inside.

The Victoria Gambit offers up to 16 hours of autonomy, which is average. Fortunately, you will have two options before the battery is dying. The first is to connect the 6 feet cord to transform the headset into a wired headset and the second is to use the micro-USB charger to give it more power. I would have liked this charger to be the newest USB-C which has invaded the market, especially since most of my other devices use it, but fortunately, this micro-USB is included with the helmet. Just a little thing in the big scheme of this one, but since it’s a new helmet, it was a little surprise. I like the possibility of changing the Victoria Gambit into a wired headset in a flash. No additional hassle is necessary there. And that’s exactly what you want when you are in the middle of a shooting.

The fluid and non-disturbed gaming experience is also transferred to the Victoria Gambit sound. Although the microphone is not the best, its bidirectional noise removal capacity works well to create a clear communication between you and your teammates. Leather abuses lend themselves to an almost complete noise cancellation experience. In addition to this, small and large sounds can be found with extreme precision, which is excellent regardless of the game in which you started. Need to hear the footsteps in Call of Duty Vanguard? What about the acceleration of all vehicles in Fora Horizon 5? The Victoria Gambit manages all this with ease. This is where the helmet really shines.

Unfortunately, when you have heavy noises in the bass, all the other sounds are overwhelmed, and you lose the precision of the pint that makes it a stellar helmet. The Victoria Gambit would benefit a lot of additional software to help refine that. Hell, even having an EQ button could solve some of these problems. Unfortunately, it’s just not an option. And they must be, especially for US $129.

The Victoria Gambit is a good helmet overall. It has an excellent removal of the noise, a superbly precise sound and is generally quite comfortable. It simply does not offer enough to its price for this Esport experience that it proposes to accomplish. Clear and simple, although it can make a decent long-term helmet, the market is saturated with many headphones for less than $100 that simply surpass it.