Square Enix’s Near Series appeared on the top sales product charts around the world with a steam regular discount.

Steam Autumn Sale 2021 - THE ULTIMATE list of Best Deals! 30 Discounted Games!

Located in the top of the charts at 10 am on the 17th, the Near Series, located in the top of the top of the chart, is released in 2017: Stomata and Near-Launched Near: Reflect’s version (close to remake). The works are popular with unique dark worldviews, action, attractive stories, and delightful OST, and have been popularized by open-meta-meta-style, and to the series representing Square Enix. Especially, Near: Automata has contributed the biggest contribution to the popularization of total sales volume and 6 million.

There is also a discount effect, but both works are also a tittle that is being highly affected until recently. Near: In the case of Automata, the recent evaluation ‘is a very positive (93%), as of 10:00 am on the 17th, and the Near: Replica-Top-up title is also the same standard’ overwhelmingly (97%) have. The sale is added to the existing popularity, resulting in positive results. Currently, Near: Automatics is half price, 2,400 won, Near: Reflect Version-Up Title is 35% discounted to 45,370 won.

Meanwhile, the remodeling simulator houseflector has been set up to 70% of the bundle with the original title and DLC with the winter update, and has been hit up to the top of the world’s top sales.

At the top simultaneous connections TOP 20, there is not a big change in TOP 20, with a new update, GTA 5 and NARA Car: The gap between the blade points is gradually narrowing.