As we often hear about him, Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl has had the rich idea of ​​manifesting to announce the adoption of the great media agitation of the moment: NFTs.

Despite all the precautions taken by the GSC studio to explain to people that Stalker 2 is not a game based on the blockchain and that its use of NFT would have been at once completely optional and sans no impact On the gameplay, the flame back has been sufficiently violent so that the studio gives up its intentions. For starters, GSC wanted to design PJ using the players’ faces. GSC intended to bid three virgin 3D models and invite the winners to a small photogrammetry session to be immortalized as NPC. Sorry, metahumain.

The players quickly understood: the interest of NFTs in traditional video games appears at the best nebulous, at the worst strictly non-existent in the state. Doubting that the adoption of this technology was not going to unanimity, GSC stated that part of the earned income through NFT was to go to charitable associations. In a statement published on Twitter but quickly erased, the studio had also played the map of the small team without publisher in lack of time and money, while revealing its future plans concerning the use of NFT in its game. It was essentially question of including names and pseudos of players in the game environment, on cosmetic objects of multiplayer mode (tattoos, badges) and in the form of collectible cards (only on the blockchain market, not in the game)

Lost sentence: The community has not wanted to hear and GSC finally removed this press release for a much shorter in the wake, it’s announcing the renunciation of any form of NFT in the game, whose exit is expected. April 28, 2022, on Xbox Series and PC. The interests of our fans and players are the absolute priority of the team. We do this game for your pleasure, whatever cost, can we read.

STALKER 2 Gets NFTs and People Are Not Happy

If this volte-face has generated some taunts and satisfactions, some believe that the community has quickly wanted to deprive GSC of a new source of revenue for patterns may not be so justified. I do not know too much. It looks like it’s something optional that could have been easily ignored, but that would still have been beneficial for an independent studio. I think it would be necessary to book the criticism when These things are poorly integrated into the games, reacts a Twitter user. That is funny is that it’s not a Blockchain game, so they could do everything they had planned without the NFT part. Nothing prevents them from adding NPCs to the game If people pay for that, observes on his side Analyst Daniel Ahmad.

The rejection of the NFT in Stalker 2 intervenes in the wake of the icy welcome reserved for Ubisoft after the announcement of the first NFT in the form of elements (clothing, vehicles, weapons) in Ghost Recon breakpoint, both from the players and his own developers. NFT mode also had the merit of awakening Peter Molselfeux, whose Legacy corporate management game adopted the technology and now sells NFTs in the form of virtual property titles, the idea being to start a business and tie. Partnerships with other players in the hope of making real money in the form of Legacycyno, a cryptomonnale based on Blockchain Ethereum. As Rock Paper Shotgun reports, the sale of these plots generated more than 14,000 Ethereum, not far from 48 million euros.