I will cancel all plans about NFT.

New FPS (GSC Game 2) (lesser GSC) (GSC), which is developing the GSC game World (GSC), will be able to sell the opportunity to be NPC in the game. GSC said today (on the 17th), I decided to cancel all the NFT plans that were scheduled to be included in , GSC said, GSC would accommodate the Feedback of the users.

On the last 16 days, GSC announced that it will sell the opportunity to be the NPC of Stalker 2 through the NFT issued to the partnership with the NFT platform diemaker.

But the responses of users were cold. Focusing on the Money and DLC, If you twist, If you do not withdraw the NFT plan, you will not be able to cancel your reservation purchase. The GSC explained NFT does not affect the game balance and is only a form of a full option, said GSC explained that it is not just a form of choice (fully optional). That’s why GSC has posted an entry that it will withdraw all the plans about the NFT in one day.

is a subsequent of the Survival Horror FPS series that spreads the area contaminated to the radioactivity after the Ukrainian Chernobyl nuclear accident. The released in 2007 has become a popular system with a unique system that NPCs live their own and create ecosystems. is ahead of the launch and resumption of development, and the launch of April 2022.

Your NFT Art Won't Sell Unless You Do This

On the other hand, as GSC withdraws the NFT plan of , it is noted that it is also attention to the up. Soft’s a acoustical way to test the NFT service in the second . At that time, FBI Soft announced its NFT service ‘Quartz’ (Quartz) through official YouTube, and to apply NFT to gun skins, helmets, and pants.

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