Nowadays, the latest game is a large amount released every day. Only game introduction of manufacturers and store I do not know what kind of game! With your grief of Game I think we Spark readers often. I am also crying not fully grasp the true character to play. Therefore, the motto of as soon as possible, this project to deliver the raw content of the game is detonation velocity Purebred.

Slow released in S / Xbox One / PS4 for | Marvelous Inc. and SEED Games this time is, 2021 December 08 days, is in for PC (Windows) at the Steam / Microsoft Store, the consumer Xbox Series X Life ADV we would like to deliver the raw content for Rune Factory 4 Special. Originally it was released this work as 3DS Games in 2012. Then in 2019, it will lead to this release through Nintendo Switch plates bearing the special characters in the title to Rune Factory 4 Special.

is a Rune Factory 4 Special ?

This work is a simulation game to enjoy the slow life in a fantasy world. Hero with special powers that ground chromite lose some freak coincidence memory, which also re-starting as an apprentice prince in SPHERE governing is somehow God dragon.

New life is farming, dungeon capture, filled with new events every day, such as interaction with residents. Eventually…… also of having a home and get married! Kano this series that already has 15 years of history from is derived from the Harvest Moon series. In May 2021 it was released the latest for the first time in nine years, Rune Factory 5.

But I’m afraid of a personal story, I love this series. Continue chasing from primary, enjoy the cartoon in the magazine Nintendo Dream and Denied Comics, Hate Tabitha’s and in the i-mode application of ancient, absolutely in about (main to enjoy to your heart’s content a tryst with the famous it is the destructive power of the event CG that would not be there was a tremendous thing to see).

Such as seen from my Rune Factory 4, appeared in the past series was character and element was the work which can be called carefully summarized the just culmination. Let’s continue to introduce immediately along with the thought of what would be good times or…… deep feeling is that it thus she can play any special edition and become PC.

set before the start-up wizard

Upon this time of writing buy the PC version from Steam. For configuration, because originally a consumer title, raising Taxi different settings wizard before game start do the fine-tuning. Resolution, controller type-key configuration, you can appreciate to make changes, such as text and audio language.

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Operating system corresponding to the keyboard and mouse as well as the controller. Once again I’m sorry in a personal impression, but did not even think No way can day will come play the Rune Factory series in the Xbox One controller.

The difference between Nintendo Switch version

This work is basically the same as the original Nintendo Switch version of Rune Factory 4 Special, the title screen is different items that the only voice. It was a privilege (?) Element to hear the voice comments of voice actors who were cast in the switch version.

Voice is to select, things that can change the audio language from within the game. English voice, because the voice for the cute look of the character is or was strangely sexy, the royal players who have already played many times might be a good also determine the new Shield. does not matter, but the past series, English dahlia’s in RF3 is supreme.

As it is introduced from the Another episode is also Nintendo Switch version of the honeymoon mode. Or moving Standing picture, or is additional dialogue, (is that me) part of the fan is Atari was jubilant frenzy epilogue of the phrase character, it is solely a bonus element after the main clear.

promise of peace of mind immediately after the main start

Now event starts when you select the story, you can choose a hero of gender in the dialogue at the beginning. Select the men this time. Let’s carefully chosen because later change can not. However…… If you look only?

In the present series, memory loss hero serving as a thing is Common Practice. hero this time, which was heading to SPHERE for some kind of mission, was that Whoops his memory in time signature that matches the attack of the enemy the body from the airship.

What’s You might think this ultra-expansion and from your new everyone, but it is still convincing carry if from Series experience. This is because the primary hero Laguna’s lost the memory fallen to go, mist-like heroine found such him for the first time,… Why was handed down the labor bestowed Watering Can and seeds instead of took care of him?

By the way, even this work was entering a decent Tsunami with respect to this matter in the game is the first (?).

Prince of life

master! Youth of like a Loki Chicana’s from the sky voice! hero dropped from the airship at the beginning of rest is SPHERE countries of the Lord what that good timing, only survived in the cushion on the back of Family Seruzawido (female) was finished without compromising.

What kettle and the progress in the story, to begin the work as a prince of this country. From here you will continue to introduce the life of the hero is carried out in this work.

‘s agriculture, able to work as a workhorse

Do not eat work forced thing. It is not that just because it is the royal family day is a day nothing gracefully spend without. Is in the game and the flow time of 24 hours = 1 day, the season will advance one every 30 days. Work in momentum to use up without leaving a one second a minute, the night you rest in bed of his room.

If bedtime physical strength · RP (Rune point. Stamina, magic gauge something like) is full recovery, eyes will wake up the next morning at 6 o’clock. When will complete recovery waking up to the same time of the Ming Dynasty sleeping basically, but when will around the 1 o’clock midnight, since the bad status state that would welcome the next day, leaving the fatigue attention.

For this reason, you may want to work by cutting the life if from 6 am to 1 am doing. I reality is the same as the (?)

sophisticated agricultural systems

Hero is with special force to Kiowas earth and the heart Earth Might will continue to enrich the land through farming. One of the system of the potteries in this series, the main elements responsible for the fun of game.

Unlimited first is rough and spreads out the field in the back of the castle prince live. Crushed the stone with a hammer, putting aside the trees with an ax, Once trimmed the soil with a hoe, sowing the seeds to there, continue to take care of day-to-day watering, harvesting a larger growth crops.

…… The basic cycle is simple and led to this, season to there, that the soil level, fertilizer, agricultural chemicals such as element is applied, the grade of the crop item (?) May profundity depends.

One day, referred to as the excitement at the time of or lined with huge crops, this work is very interesting potteries, such as you look to move the actual hand. In most cases, complicated system might reduce the motivation of the play, but this work there is also particularly is tremendous stress-free the first time of the operation it, did not feel the burden around the field.

Agriculture system is and has been refined while incorporating a variety of new elements in each successive series, this work is felt to have arrived in one of the goal.

monster breeding shed

This in the field area Besides, a possible construction of a breeding shed for the monster, you can monsters who are out of the SPHERE using dedicated equipment of a friend. Fellow monster or walk brought together, move riding on top, it is the interest sidekick and participate in the battle.

Even individuals make me Natalia recovered materials and food items, you may want actively to fellow because it is quite welcome there. I was suitor to Tabitha’s desperately attracted 50 animals in the It should be noted that first generation.

Use for items that were obtained

The item that was obtained by farming and monsters breeding There are several Tsukaimichi. Joshi also earn money by shipping, making meals and medicine there is a special effect in the cooking and pharmaceutical is also good, also good arrange tempered the equipment in the blacksmith or decorative. early in the skills’ shortage it is been hard, but…!

In any case, early on I think that will be mainly shipped serve also Kinsey. Such as meet the shipping box in the pride of crops grown with difficulty, the satisfaction when you get a big money thing pretty good.

Trying to develop the country in prince point

Shipping and crops, conversations with residents, it earns Prince points by various actions such as the monster subjugation. This meant that the credibility of the so-called Prince, you issued the order by using this point.

Order holding of new festival events, the development of the storage box, room built-in, and even include the acquisition of license you just appeared. Enough to develop SPHERE using the point, is now visited by many tourists in SPHERE, it can be issued the order of further higher recognized its achievements.

It should be noted that Moi character that appeared in the last series in the tourists, even or show a surprising involved in the story….

Let Jonas a request

morning, next When you have finished taking care of the potteries and damn momentum of the angry waves are doing the request. Bizarre shovel request box on the front door next to the castle (only to why the hero can not hear) has been installed, and the solution to such annoyances of residents at the request, or familiar friends go up reputation.

Early on that many tutorials specific content, because it may get to prepare the necessary tools and equipment in accordance with the request, also from the fact that you can get them without labor, you may want to proactively receive.

Exchanges with charming characters who

people are living freely

Hands of the clock are almost all the residents and refers to the time proceed 7-8 will begin activities in waking up. They are living in the town around the castle, the morning has been or cleaning in the vicinity of the house, or views in the gazebo, a life freely and can dine for lunch or evening in the restaurant increase.

Also, part of the character have a shop, you will have to work in the store counter during business hours. They talk, and little conversation can enjoy in addition to every day, friendship level will rise at the same time. Rise of the friendship degree not only the conversation occurs even if you go out on an adventure together to pass a gift. Since the plus to everyone is to win the festival would be especially good.

Next to Love degree in the case of marriage can be character, or become a dating or dating relationship exceeds a certain level, and ultimately also be referred to as blessed with married Dakar.

However, when Love degree is low state, even if the confession not give me a to partner jokes and misunderstanding place being through it is painful as.

By the way, both what people Yeah…… such as dating at the same time, or can be attic of garbage play (talk of a certain Thief game). It should be noted that if the state is barrel, especially since the Toga Xiao-chan will be gouged a chest to dialogue spilling the Posture…… in moderation.


Anyway, if such characters have why say whether attractive to, That’s because solely the quality of the conversation is high. the eccentric behavior and Toby does not mean that…… just have to stand the characters.

This work has been put force on the negotiations between the residents, I will be surprised and I finely conversation really far are prepared. the contour of the character that emerges through the day-to-day exchanges, each of the personality and background poured by conversations, negotiations and with other characters who, a little hearsay that To I was like this is that person. in addition it has given depth.

Depth of this little by little, has been quite match the slow life play style, I feel that in the presence vividly the characters. No…… Well, it might be mentioned such as the…… founder mist-like as disproved, she is only the presence of the paranormal Ishihobuka, one in the fact that Isadakubuka. Personally, I think that it had issued a hero MICE Mr. best taste of RF3.

Let’s go to adventure

And doing the prince of the work of one way at the castle, let’s go out to the outside of the castle Once finished the greeting of the daily routine with residents.

Map of Shiraz that in accordance with the progress of the game will be phased release is surprisingly wide, some of them being fixed any of the seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter, further deep and or there is a route to be opened by weather design has been. In particular field in the season area is very useful to grow crops season.

Dungeon Cheats

Some wide map has been the so-called dungeon is ready, is required to be in the story of the progressive defeat the boss of the dungeon deepest. Same journey of Shiraz map, monsters in the dungeon, material, treasure box, such as traffic gimmick has been placed at random.

Because the monsters and materials that appear in each dungeon are different, when the like materials collected those sections would also be a good idea in mind. In the dungeon a high level is required to capture, because from the treasure box items are also often such equipment of high rank available, you can also crap bring back dare high-firepower weapons to assault at level shortage.


Weapons and a variety of proximity equipment, including the orthodox sword or ax, long distance equipment by magic are available. They raise the skill level enough to wear, new attack methods such as due, for example, step attack on the rise is released.

Each of the weapons is set attack power of physical and attributes, but you may use both depending on the type of enemy…… of, if honest hero of the level is sufficient, because the difference is no longer trivial thing you may choose your favorite equipment. Kama’ players is…… Toga to annihilate the enemy with farm tools, such as watering.

residents and together!

It is possible to go out with some residents befriend, you who participated to further their own way of weapon combat in hand. Moreover, since the higher the experience value enters defeat the monster, after all can also be the strongest partner by level up.

There is also the option of dating if the marriage subject character, but just a waste going to play! Let’s walk him to the dungeon at that. Here, in interesting some dungeon, that an event to react with properly dedicated lines are provided. When you go to the black 曜館 Lets by all means go with Forte’s (bad smile).

In addition, if the change into swimwear and sleepwear in a state of walking brought together, why hero / heroine us to match the dress character also….

in conclusion

Any number of appeared the elements in it until the series is also incorporated, as this work was polished further play easy game design, provided us with a still fun play experience even after many years. especially happy, that old fans will notice a little part small story is studded.

Why not want to forget What reality? Do not want to slow life in a fantasy world is released from bondage? I would love to. As in crazy. Maid’s possible elves and Do not you do it my best regards. I can not do. lightning, such as this reality off the power button.

Heart was about to become such desperation even, this work is for us accept wrapped gently (?). Everyone this winter, or would you like to turned to the royal family farmers lose their memory in the country SPHERE.

Title: Rune Factory 4 Special
Compatible models: PC (Windows) / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / PS4 / Nintendo Switch
Play model in the article: PC (Windows)
Release Date: 2021 December 08 days
article author play time at the time of this writing: 3 hours (really where you want to write 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds in jokes)
Price: regular price of 3,960 yen (until 21 December 22) Sale Price 3,564 yen

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