Although League of Legends is one of the games that receives the most updates, Riot Games does not take care of all the details at the same level. The developer is usually surprised with new interesting and Reworks Skins that give a second chance to our favorite champions, but rarely stops maintaining the most formal aspects of the game. Thus, we can see how many of the information it offers in the game client are completely outdated.

The best League of Legends champions according to Riot

It is usual to see information very outdated on the gaming client and up to official videos in which skills or models are shown already missing from the title. Bulk errors that, as in the case of tutorial, do not receive too many improvements when considered unimportant by Riot Games. However, the greatest dissent of all existing ones in League of Legends is the classification that Riot Games makes the champions according to their statistics.

3 BEST SOLO CARRY Champions for EVERY ROLE in PATCH 11.24 - League of Legends
Considering this classification, which values ​​each section with a maximum of three points, these would be the three best game champions :

The developer values ​​the champions according to his performance in five records: damage, resistance, control of adversaries, mobility and utility. A criterion that could be acceptable if it were not because the scores it performs for each character are truly strange. Without leaving any further, Riot Games considers Matrix one of the most resistant characters of the game and, which is more serious, it gives you the same mobility score that has characters as fixed or Jar van IV.

This classification does not even look like the one we could see in a Tier List aimed at increasing our performance in qualifying games. However, this would not even be the biggest problem in this rating of Riot Games. There are very large imbalances between the opinion of developers and these official scores. For example, YURI has a single point in difficulty, while the employees of the company have defended that it is one of the most complicated characters to dominate.

According to this same criterion, the worst game champions were GEAR, DOG’MAW and MISS FORTUNE. All of them they emotive seven points. Perhaps the most curious case is that of the first character, which has a single point in use despite having one of the most important definitions of all League of Legends when defining a group fight. Small details that Riot Games has completely neglected and who can confuse new players.