Place of 1860 without its figurehead Sasha Molders back on track? After the two bitter home defeats against Mannheim (1: 3) and Magdeburg (2: 5) sets Killer BVB II on Saturday (14 pm LIVE at Molders!) To a compact defense The defensive performance was not the least well know this. We, the offensive of the enemy has a good quality. It will require us all.

Understanding that Sasha sees itself in a different role as a single or Substitute, was not given.

Michael Killer

1860 München im Chaos | 3. Liga | MAGENTA SPORT

Not only in attack it is necessary to replace the longstanding role model Molders, even in the team hierarchy. But since Killer sees fewer problems. Many players have shown that they want to take responsibility, said the 51-year-old and presented Stefan Led at the press conference on Friday as the new captain.

After the week already sporting director Gunther Grendel position to Cause Molders took the coach commented on Friday for the first time to do so. I was with Sasha’s playing and training performance in the end no longer satisfied, the difference from the last for this season was just too big. Said Killer, who pointed out that, to Molders could not make friends with a Joker role: The understanding that Sasha sees itself in a different role as a single or substitute, was not given.

Bianka fails

While left-back Philipp Stein hart is available again after serving yellow card suspension, the Munich winger on Melville Bianka do without. Mere has muscular problems. He now sets out two days. He has the training sessions last broken again and again. It is in Würzburg will be present again, announced Killer on.