Final Fantasy 15 The new action RPG ‘Phosphor’ of the new action RPG ‘Phosphor’ was finally released.

Square Enix released a new game play video and release date of its newly created phosphor in the more game award 2021 (TGA 2021). Phosphor was first released in the name of ‘Project Aria’ in June last year, and the game title was set up in March. After this event, we released the game release date. Phosphor comes from PS5 on May 24 next year.

Played with the published video with the published video is configured in the format introducing the various actions of the game. In March, in March, we have focused on showing a wide range of games in the background of the game, and this time in September, this time it introduces the story of the story. The protagonist Frey can use the capacity of various elements such as water, electricity, fire, and ground, to shoot gravels in his hand, like a gun, or a magic such as falling on the head of the enemies. In addition, it is possible to move at the body and move at a high speed, movement at a fast speed, and can be.

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Phosphor can be enjoyed on PS5 on May 24 next year, and detailed information will be released later.