A lot has been talked about the possibility of seeing other classic characters in Spider-Man: No Way Home. While at the moment the participation of Today Maguire and Andrew Garfield has not been confirmed, we recently had the opportunity to talk with Tom Holland, the main actor of this tape, to discuss the expectations of the public.

Considering that rumors and theories have become a fundamental part of the way to no way home, public expectations may be too great. However, Holland ensures that there is no need to worry, and fans can enjoy a great tape.

This was what he told us when we asked him if he believed that the expectations of the public will be fulfilled:

Undoubtedly. It will be a great movie.

Similarly, the actor also spoke about rumors. Although he did not confirm or denied any theory, he has pointed out that the only response is in movie theaters.

Tom Holland speaks on fan expectations of Spider-Man No way home???? #shorts #tomholland #nowayhome

Everything I will say about all these rumors about who appears or who does not appear in this movie, is that the only way to know if these rumors are true is to go to the cinemas and discover on their own.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will be released on December 15. You can check our full interview with Tom Holland here.

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