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The director of the game and vice president Jeff Kaplan revealed that it was very difficult to convince Blizzard to merge overwatch 1 and overwatch 2 and allow the players of the original game to continue to play with those who will buy the following at each exit.

It’s very difficult because the sector has done the same things for so long, Kaplan revealed to the Blazon, via VG247. And it’s hard to convince people to get them out of their comfort zone and tell them, hey, I think we could do it better.

I’m trying to tell them that if we do what’s right from the players, they will be happy, we will have a better match, and we will end up in a better long-term place, he added, revealing A very clairvoyant vision. Of the industry.

Blizzard has already revealed that with a copy of the original game, you can always get all the heroes and cards that will be published for a suite. In addition, you will succeed in continuing to play PVP matches in a unique pool between OW1 and OW2. The only exclusive content for OW2 will be EVE and Story missions.

Anyway, it seems like it will take a lot of time before you can get your hands on the final game, like Overwatch 2 We will talk about it with the Blazon 2020 and in a style / moment when it will not yet be available. This means that day 1 could be fixed only in a few years.