The revolutionary game of Insomniac, Marvel’s Spider-Man, came out in 2018 on PS4. The game has become an instant classic and was worn on the PS5 in November 2020. The game is always updated regularly. New skins will be available for Spider-Man next week, but they will only be available for the PS5 version.

To celebrate the next MARVEL SPIDER-MAN movie: No Way Home, Insomniac adds two new Spider-Man costumes to the game on the movie theme. Unfortunately for PS4 fans, combinations will only be available for PS5 players.

Many fans were disappointed by the news, forcing insomniac to comment on this subject. They stated via Twitter that each update of Spider-Man’s PS4 version becomes more and more difficult to manage. Thus, for optimal performance, it was easier for them to bring the combinations only on the next generation PlayStation 5.

It is a strange decision of insomniac due to the shortage of PS5. Many PlayStation owners simply did not have the chance to buy a PlayStation 5, which means they will not be able to get these combinations at all. Most of their base of players always uses PS4, so many fans are angry and feel neglected.

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