Call of Duty Vanguard and War zone Pacific Season 1 is finally here, and with her comes a new, powerful sniper rifle that sounds as if it could tear the War zone Meta.

In Season 1 you can unlock the Goreno-Tank defense rifle. Although the name suggests that everything it can do is to turn off the tank, they are wrong — it’s just as effective to defeat enemy players with a shot. Although the Moreno is a semi-automatic sniper, he can eliminate players with a single shot. If that does not sound like a new entry on our list of the best War zone weapons, I do not know what it means.

The NEW Warzone M82 Sniper is a BETTER Rytec!
As a result, do you most likely want to get one in your hands — but how do you free the Moreno sniper rifle in War zone Pacific Season 1? Here are all information about this new, extremely powerful sniper rifle.

Moreno tank defense rifle clearing war zone

The Goreno-Tank defense rifle can be unlocked for use in War zone from reaching level 31 with the Battle Pass for Season 1. This is available for all players as it is one of the free stages in the Battle Pass.

If you do not create it to unlock it until the end of season 1 and the elimination of the Battle Pass, you may still unlock the Moreno by completing some challenges in the game.

So if you are a stunning new sniper in your best War zone PC player 24, do not look like the easy to unlock Lorenzo.