In a timing exercise close to perfection, Epic Games invited Spider-Man to open the PRE of Chapter 3 of Fortnite. As the future Spider-Man carton: No Way Home and while the first Spider-Man extract: New Generation 2 has just fallen, it was difficult to find more popular character. And we do not talk about the participation of the very bankable Dwayne Johnson, appeared in the role of saving during the closing event of Chapter 2 that can be reviewed here.

As expected, the kickoff of Chapter 3 marks a significant upholster for Fortnite and its community. The playground as known as October 2019 simply returned to reveal a completely unique island and copiously covered with snow throughout its western part. Among the points of interest include the sanctuary and the drafting of the daily bugle, but it will also be necessary to count on new meteorological phenomena. The trailer explains that the players will now be able to gain experience outside the Royal Battle, which will offer more possibilities to unlock the outfits of the fighting pass, including Spider-Man but also Marcus and Wait de Gears of War, formerly deducted by Epic Games.

*NEW* FORTNITE CHAPTER 3 BATTLE PASS! New Map Gameplay! (Fortnite Spider-Man Battle Pass)

Side playability, Fortnite is enriched with new mechanics to slide while pulling but also to swing in honor of the Spider-Man. We also see that it becomes possible to establish camps to allow the team to take care and store objects from one game to another. The launch of Chapter 3 is obviously accompanied by new weapons and tools. Finally, while waiting for more detailed patch notes, we are explained that the winner of a party now receives a victory crown that will attempt to keep in chaining the first places.