Best Flensburg Werner was Emil Jacobean with seven goals. For the BHC, which has been singeless since six games successively, Tom Are was most successful with four hits. The game of Rhein-Neckar Lower against the Fuchs Berlin was canceled after several corona cases at the capitals at the short term.

The game in the Wuppertal Uni-Halle came only very slowly. Almost six minutes, the 1-0 of the Flensburg had consisted of Mads Mensa Larsen. When his team had still not met in the tenth minute, BHC coach took Sebastian Hinge at 0: 4 the first time out. A little later Tomas Baba brought the hosts with his goal to 1: 4 on the scoreboard.

Flensburg siegt in Bukarest! | Bukarest vs. Flensburg | EHF Champions League | Match Highlights
The Flensburg, in addition to the long-term failures, left outside Campus tub from private reasons as well as the injured backwater Magnus Rod and Aaron Sensing were missing, but were subsequently negligent. With the pause whistle Alexander Week brought the Bernice Lions at 13:12 for the first time. Until the middle of the second half, the BHC remained in front, but the SG gave the game a renewed turn and won in the end earned.


Burnisher HC — SG Flensburg-Handewitt 24:29 (13:12)

Gates Burnisher HC: Nikolai sen 4, Boomhouwer 3/2, A. Gunderson 3/1, D. Schmidt 3, Week 3, Baba 2, Dark 2, Ar. Son 1, Dame 1, Hanson 1, Schönningsen 1
SG Flensburg-Handewitt: E. M. Jacobean 7/2, Godfridsson 6, Larsen 5, Larsson 4, Windsor 3, Golda 2, Johannes sen 2
Referee: Jörg Loppaschenwski (Berlin) / Nils Blumer (Berlin)
Criminal minutes: 2/8
Disqualification: /