Vines Pokémon has shared the synopsis of the greatest episode to generate so far. Ash and GO continue their trips through all the regions of the franchise so far, and December will be a great month for fanatics who will remain up-to-date with the launches of weekly episodes in Japan. Not only will there be a special two-part event that will celebrate the launch of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl with the return of Dawn, Cynthia and the legendary Di alga and Polka de Sinnoh, but will be followed with another special event of two episodes on spooky Pokemon type ghost.

However, the main attraction of these special episodes is that Ash will try to take the gene of him to the next level and unlock his Gigantamax shape. A new episode synopsis shows the struggle to get there as well (as discovered by @Anipokefandom on Twitter) and episode 92 of the series, entitled Gene do as much as possible! The road to Gigantamax! » He begins to make fun of his episode as such, [Ash and GO] visits the Ghost Gym in Stow-on-Side to generate [Gigantamax]. And believe it or not, there they find the masked boy who met in the ghost train, which turns out to be [Allister], a child who performs as a leader of Ghost Gym despite his young age.

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Along with the Allister anime debut, it seems that there will also be many more elements of Gala in the anime with this particular episode, after going to the [Stow-on-side] Stadium, [Ash] and the others try [Gigantamax]. However, Gen gar remains [Dynamited]. When [Allister] sees this, [ASH] tells you that while generating [Dynamic], you will not be able to [Gigantamax] no matter how much you try… Like the arrival of the Max Mushrooms», however, after [Allister Tells Ash] And the others that you generate may [Gigantamax] if you drink [Max Soup] made from [Max Mushrooms], decide to go find [Max Mushrooms] in a forest where many ghost-type Pokemon live.

Finally, the last part of the synopsis shows even more unexpected challenges with [Allister] warns them that [Max Mushrooms] are not easy to choose, but [Ash] is full of energy and says that he will definitely get something. [Allister] takes them to a cemetery in the forest where they immediately find some [more mushrooms], but a [cor sol], a Pokemon from which it is said to curse you if you take it, hides close as a rock. [Ash] Try to get the [Max Mushroom] while he clings to gene, but…? »

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