The Survival game Icarus could inspire thousands of players in the beta. The next game of the Haymakers will finally start Steam. Mango tells you everything you need to know.

What is this for a game? Icarus is the new project of Haymaker Dean Hall and its Indie-Studio Rocketed and is one of the new survival games you can look forward to 2021. You play in Icarus as part of a troupe, which should explore a second earth.

The game has a dystopic sci-fi setting, mixes classic survival with some innovations that make fresh wind. For example, the time is a crucial factor. You can also be revived by your group.

In addition to the conventional survival elements, there is also the time factor that mixes the gameplay. It is the variety of skill and tech trees, which makes Icarus special. You can combine your skills in countless opportunities and experiment much.

Here you have to pass through all kinds:

Wildlife make hunting for you.
Hunger and thirst must also be taken into account in all actions.
Oxygen also goes off slowly, because the air of the planet itself is toxic.
Randomly occurring weather events make life difficult for you.

Here you can watch the E3 trailer for Icarus:

In the Survival game Icarus is time a crucial factor

For whom is worth it? Who likes survival games, should definitely take a look at the game. The game brings with some tricks of variety in the genre.

In the past, the Twitch Streamer Shroud has already become a game of play and my: Icarus has the stuff to the best survival game of the next few years.

There were also two beta phases before release. The first ran in August and could attract some thousand players. The second phase ran until the beginning of November. Unfortunately, there are no player reviews.

That makes Icarus differently than many survival games: The great goal of a round is not the settlement of the planet. On the contrary: The goal is the escape from this deadly boulders.

You have to achieve the state shuttle in a session at the agreed time, which brings you back to the orbit. If you do not create that, you will leave the planet. Such sessions can last 10 minutes, or even 48 hours.

This factor reminds a little at games like Escape from Markov. You will find you again on a hostile alien planet. Here you have to breastfeed your fundamental needs such as hunger, thirst and oxygen.

Then she builds a basis and always explores new technologies to survive until the time of pickup.

When is it going? The game starts according to the official Steam page today, on 3 December at 23 o’clock. (Via Steam)

What does the game cost? The regular price is €24.99, but is currently reduced by 10% to €22.49. We summarize for you how the game arrived in the beta phases and for whom it is worthwhile.

Icarus - Official Launch Trailer

What do you think of Icarus? Will you try it? Might you already play in the beta?

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