At HC Saporoschje in Ukraine there was a 22:31 (14:15) on Wednesday. Best throwers in front of 1100 viewers were Emil Jacobean with eight goals for Flensburg and Ideas Malasinskas with nine hits for the hosts.

Best of Jim Gottfridssonâ—ŹSG Flensburg
In the North Germans, Jim Gottridsson and Simon Had were back to their Corona quarantines. The coach Duo Main Michelle and Mark But lacked after the vaccination breaks. In the 28th minute, the personal sores of the SG increased again. Rummer Aaron Sensing kinked after a throwing attempt and had to hump on the playing field.

The Flensburg defense had great problems with Saporoschjes playmaker Malasinskas, especially in the initial phase. The Lithuanian scored four of the first five hits of the hosts. But the SG attack did not come in a way. Of the 32 throwing attempts in the first half finished only 14 in the gate of the Ukrainians.

Even by the use of the seventh field player, the door yield of the Flensburg did not improve. So Saporoschje moved to 26:20 (55.) from it. The parades of the good goalkeeper Benjamin BRIC did not reach to catch up with the residue.