Pokemon Go starts the season of the origin on 01 December 2021 and brings you a lot of spawns, events and bonuses again. We from Mango have viewed us what awaits you in the new season.

What’s about? On November 30, Ni antic published on your blog the first, long-awaited information about spawns, events and bonuses that will expect you in the new season (via pokemongolive.com).

As Ni antic now announced, the new season and associated events revolves around the past and origin of Pokémon. Professor Willow has therefore discovered an old cave with a huge door with his research, which he wants to unlock with the team leaders. Of course, he needs your help.

Previously, there were speculations in the community, which monsters will come in the new season due to first indications.

That brings you the season of the origin

When will the new season start? The season of the origin starts on 01 December 2021 at 10:00 o’clock local time and extends over a total of 3 months. Thus, it ends on 01 March 2022 at 10:00 o’clock local time.

All events and content of the season

During the season of the origin, there will be numerous events again. The starting signal makes the smoke day with Quite, followed by the community day in December. In addition, there will be a special Photo tour at the beginning of the new calendar year.

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However, much is not known about the planned events. Especially January and February are largely even secret. We have summarized you all appointments, which we already know:

As soon as there are new information about further appointments, we will complement them in the table.

All bonuses at the season of the origin

As you know it from the past Seasons, you can look forward to many special bonuses throughout the season of the origin. The following season bonuses await you:

Higher efficacy of smoke at standstill
In addition, higher efficacy of smoke at motion
Increased damage by own Pokémon in Fern-Raids
Gifts Warranty when turning bakeshops

*NEW SEASON* Shiny Kyurem, Johto Tour, Special Research & MORE in Pokémon GO
1 additional candy while swapping
Guaranteed XL Sweden when swapping

Temporary research

In addition, you expect dedicated research every month. The temporary research from December is available to all coaches. However, research for January and February will be unlocked as part of the Photo Tour ticket purchase. As a reward, every month is waiting for an avatar article, a special month reward as well as other bonuses on you.

Temporary research December: Star dust challenge

In December, your Blanche should help open the first door unlocking mechanism of the door found. Everything revolves around ice and ground Pokemon and star dust. As a monthly bonus, double star dust awaits you for the first catch of the day. You can also unlock the following bonuses with the collected starting dust:

Temporary research January: EP challenge

In January, your Spark will help. Due to the monthly bonus, you get double EP for the first catch of the day and can also unlock the following bonuses with the Collected EP:

Temporary Research February: Fang Challenge

And even in February will be back on your help. Supports Candela while catching Pokémon. For the reward, you will receive more XL sweets this month and double EP for your outgrew eggs. With the help of the monsters collected, the following bonuses are free:

Spawns and eggs

Of course, even during the season of the origin, special wild spawns and changeable egg pools expect. Which monsters can be found in the coming months, we have summarized for you.

Wild Spawns

In the wilderness, this season is also distinguished to regions, so cities, forests, mountains and waters as well as southern and Northern Hemisphere.

These monsters can be found in eggs

And even with the eggs, the content of 2-, 5- and 10 km eggs and the adventure sync has changed as follows.

2-KM eggs: Quarrel, Known SA, Quite, Medicine, Pain, Able, Scalpel
5 km eggs: Unix, April, Winning, Amparo, Shnebedeck, Proxy, Hippopotamus
10 km eggs: airhole, champion, life, Geronimo, Asia, viscera, EF-EM
Adventure Sync (5-KM Eggs): London, Shelters, Quarrel, Alight, Campsite, Defense
Adventure Sync (10 km eggs): Dating, Windward, Tunnel, Role, Maputo, EF-EM

How do you find the bonuses, research, spawns and planned events in the new season? What monsters would you be particularly happy? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments and exchanges you with other coaches.

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