Inced: Vanguard have immortalized the developers one of the rarest weapons of the real world in the game. But the corresponding shotgun was in fact quite different, was extremely limited and no provision even for military use. Nevertheless, it is one of the most common weapons in the game. Find out here what is really behind the legendary Becker-gun.

What kind of weapon is The weapon in Call of Duty: Vanguard under the curious name Unicorn is known, was not so in reality. Rather, it is in Summer a so-called Becker-gun.

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This gun was constructed in 1899 by the German hunting weapons company, but not until about 20 years later, in 1920, built in series.

Who writes here? Jürgen Horn does not just play like shooter, he is also on the history and the facts behind the weapons and scenarios in the game. Most shoots from the 2nd World War knows Jürgen, but the Unicorn he was only a complete loss. It was a long search which led to this trivia article here.

How does the gun? The Becker-gun is a revolver shotgun, a very unusual in itself principle. Most shotguns are made either classical breech-loading or a manual repeater mechanism, as with the classic Pump guns again ready to fire.

The Becker-gun but uses a sophisticated system of movement and gas pressure to fire semi-automatic with a 5-shot revolver magazine. Only the last sleeve must be ejected manually through a simple mechanism.

Like the gun in real life looks and works, in this YouTube video is well explained:

The Becker-gun is actually something like a unicorn

How rare is this weapon in real life? The Becker-gun is rightly called the game Unicorn. Because in real life they might like few people have ever seen, like the legendary mythical creature.

For 1920, went as a weapon in series, only 100 units were built, according to the sources. The guns were also conceived as hunting weapons, such as the company name suggests, she has designed. A military operation was never the premise behind the design of the Unicorn.

Rather, the weapon may have been intended as a curious plaything for well-heeled hunters men, so diverse creatures have killed in German oak forests of the 20s.

In fact, the weapon does not really fit into the ranks of the otherwise rather functional-martial shoots that one uses else in the game. It works with sweeping lines and elegant embellishments like an anachronistic piece of jewelry from another world.

The numbering of the individual chambers of the revolver magazine in Roman numerals does not match the functional design of the rest of the German weapons from the era.

All in all looks the Becker gun more like a weapon from a steampunk scenario and not as a Summer from the 2nd World War.

How often it happens in the game? These historical facts seem to developers of Cod Vanguard but to have been not care. Because even in the campaign runs felt every second soldier of the Wehrmacht around with it.

Apparently the Nazis in Vanguard probably secret stocks of the Becker gun confiscated and mass issued to the Western, Eastern and African front.

Otherwise, can not be explained that the first weapon that Molina after the attack on Stalingrad from a couple of stupid Germans captured is equal to a Becker-gun.

Later in the game the thing is practically always around somewhere where their use appears particularly effective.

It is So often in multiplayer mode: The weapon is in the game so definitely more than 100 times present. Especially when you consider that it is the first shotgun in multiplayer mode. Any player who Cod Vanguard starts first this shotgun has and must be something grind until he gets other shotguns.

In addition, there are absurd adjustments, such as the version shown here without shank, sawn-off barrel and — believe it or not — a magazine! As the turret mechanism will still work if a magazine clip’re in the midst probably do not know even the Machine God!

So instead of a really cool-designed and for the Grind in Endgame reserve nice weapon as something special, poor Bighorn is virtually sold off as bulk goods.

I would have found it really cool if you could correct for these rare and beautiful weapon grind and work must. But how do you think? Let’s know us in the comments.

Unfortunately, the unicorn, despite its elegant and witty designs not the top gun in the game. If you want a really strong shotgun, but then read our guide to it.