The Superior de League of Legends announces the return in 2022 of the most important league at the national level with quite important changes for the new season that comes from the hand of LAP and Mediator. It will be January 10, 2022 when the competition of the output pistol with a confrontation that we still do not know, but that will surely give us good vibes. The format of the regular league will be the same that of the other years with a better one and round-trip parties that will determine the positions facing the playoffs, phase that has changed for the next season.

Playoffs will have a completely different flavor, since it will become a score of the old school with rooms and semis to what is called Laser bracket. This format will face six teams that are classified For the playoffs at the end of the regular season. As it happened so far, the first two classifieds will access semifinals, while from the third to the sixth to fight for the other two places. So far everything is normal as to what we have seen, but it will be from semifinals when a new adventure for Superior teams begins.

In semifinals the thing changes to the following; ( Laser bracket. On the other hand, from the third to the sixth, they will play with each other in direct removal format until there are a single survivor, who will play against the duel’s loser between the first and second classified, where the other finalist of the superior will come out and the definitive ending of the most important tournament at the national level. The teams that play this superior will be the following:

Vodafone Giants
Mad Lions Madrid
Cream Real Bets (or Team Heretics if the rumor is confirmed)
G2 Arctic.

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Movistar Riders
FC Barcelona
IAI and Piqué team
FANATIC Team Cheese