Nina Müller, née Work (born 14 November 1980 in Bremen) is a German handball player. She plays for the German club Thuringia HC and also for the German nationwide team, having made her international debut on 19 February 1999 versus Poland. Wörz was member of the German national team that won the Globe Champion bronze medal in 2007 as well as also participated at the 2008 Summer Olympic Gaming in Beijing, where Germany positioned eleventh. She was likewise present at the 2008 European Women’s Handball Championship as well as the 2009 Globe Women’s Handball Championship in China. In 2010, she took part on the European Championship, where Germany accomplished the thirteenth position. She married her former national colleague, Susan Müller, in 2016.

For the kick-off of the four-country tournament in Madrid, there had been a 31:27 against Poland. In the last test before the final round beginning on Wednesday, the team of national coach Hank Greener arrives on Sunday (1 pm) on World Cup host Spain.

At the beginning we were not ready for a big fight, have not moved us in defense, criticized Greener. That was a good lesson and will not happen to us again. Overall, however, the national coach was satisfied: In the second half we then repaired and recovered significantly. Best German Warfare were Xenia Smith and Ante Lauenroth with five goals each.

After balanced start, the DUB selection made a weakness phase, which used the Slovak women with a 4: 0 course from 5: 7 to 9: 7. Greener reacted with a break where he guilted his team. Nevertheless, it went with a tight residue in the half-time break.

The Schedule of the Women’s World Cup in Spain

Shortly after the change, the German team was even back with three hits, but managed the compensation to 16:16 within 120 seconds. This proved to be initial ignition. Now it ran much better in the German game. About the stations 21:18 (41.) and 26:21 (49.) The projection was expanded to seven goals for the first time at 29:22 (54.). This was the game decided.

The DUB team is in use at the World Cup on Thursday. Stick opponent at 6 pm is the Czech Republic.

Germany — Slovakia 32:25 (13:14)

Germany: Eberle (Team Esther), Filter (Buxtehude SV) — Lauenroth (SG BBM Bietigheim) 5, Smith (SG BBM Bietigheim) 5, Berger (Borussia Dortmund) 3, Brons-Petersen (Tu’s Memmingen) 3, Book (Ferencvarosi TC) 3, Maidhood (SG BBM Bietigheim) 3, Schmoozer (CS Gloria 2018) 3, Stockholder (Neckarsulm SU) 3, Stole (Ferencvarosi TC) 2, Reinhardt (Us Memmingen) 1, Call (Tu’s Memmingen) 1, Anti (Buxtehude SV), Grijseels (Borussia Dortmund), Schulz (SG BBM Bietigheim), Thornier (Bayer 04 Leverkusen), Shock (Borussia Dortmund)

Slovakia: Vanilla, Medvedova, Oguntoyová — Bizikova 5, Rubicon 5, Pocsikova 3, Trunk 3, Moldova 2, Lance 2, Popovcová 2, Stefania 2, Baclava 1, Bujnochova, Batik, Quinoa, Dakota, Némethová, Kharkov

#08 TuS 04 Dansenberg vs. SG BBM Bietigheim
Referee: Jose Carlos Frieda Canada (Spain) / Jesus Alvarez Menéndez, (Spain)

Criminals: 6 /