Video games allow us to abstract from everyday problems and live incredible adventures, but this does not mean that we do not want to share our experiences with the rest of the community. The companies have realized this and, to facilitate this task to the players, they have been incorporating buttons of screen capture and sharing with which to communicate our processes to other users. And Xbox, after updating its Xbox series with improvements in stability and accessibility, wants to explore this area more.

Xbox’s Dedication to Video Game Preservation | FPS Boost and Back Compatibility with Jason Ronald

It is definitely a priority for us Jason Ronald This is the idea that Jason Ronald has launched, director of project management of Xbox, at the podcast Iron Lords, since it considers that the team has a lot of work ahead in this field: I will definitely say that Game DVR (the experience of capturing and sharing images and moments) is an area where I would like to make more progress this year that I have been able to do them, to what Ronald adds that is Definitely a priority for us.

Video game catches is not an undiscovered field by Xbox, because Ronald says that we have made some changes, and we have added some improvements in reliability and in the quality of catches, but we know that we have work that Doing here To be more aware of all the novelties that Xbox series will incorporate throughout its useful life, the project management director recommends to the community join Insiders Program, although the topic is completed by repeating that it will be a priority for 2022.

The podcast mentioned has given many tracks on the road that Xbox will take in some areas, as it is here where it has been unleashed that the company looks for an alternative for its FPS Boost technology and is intended to add a trophy similar to platinum of PlayStation In addition, Xbox does not only look forward, because recently he has had the opportunity to revive his past with an interactive virtual museum in the history of the company, which can be visited from Free way.

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