On Thursday, the football world, especially in Naples, will pause again: the death day of the oversized Diego Armando Maradona is for the first time. Maybe the SSC in the Europa League also arrives already on Wednesday (16.30, live! At Naples) when the partenopeia is required by Sparta Moscow.

Her jersey, who decorates this day Maradona’s counterfeit, is just one of many tributes — the divine also ensures his ascension for all sorts of headlines. I feel that this day is nothing for honors, not to celebrate, Although Diego’s daughter Alma said, but between numerous homages, as in the lifetime, also mix it all kinds.


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On October 20, 1976, he debuted at the age of 15 for Argentines Juniors, 1986 he became world champion with Argentina. Naomi, which he redeemed with two championships, homage to him like a saint.

On the square he was a genius, many believed in supernatural powers when they saw him play. Outside the place, the fame crushed him.

On 25th November 2020 he died with just 60 years. Not only the football world mourns a legend.

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Around the heritage — not the footballer — is quarried, the legal persecution of his doctor is still in full swing. Maradona itself is accused of the first day of the death of a former lover, among other things, from other plaintiffs his paternity.


It seems that the daughters from first marriage would actually want to be quietly not to be quiet around the deceased football genius, which is still worshiped plenty of tribute. On December 14, in Saudi Arabia, Maradona’s former clubs FC Barcelona and Boca Juniors carry a memorial game, including Amazon Prime or Spotify currently offer new content to life and die of the 1986 World Champion.

Also offered in mid-December other things — very personal from the life of the Diego Armando. Whoever wants and has appropriate financial possibilities, can bid apartments, cars, jerseys, a bible or electric kettle by an immortal, which became only 60 years old.