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Epic Games has taken several concerts with famous artists in Fortnite in recent months. These included virtual performances by Ariana Grande, Marshmello or Travis Scott. And following this musical theme, the company announced that the Developer Studio Harmonic has taken over, whose team will be in the future, etc., at all, what has to do with music events in Fortnite.

When Bands Stopped Shows To Save Fans
Harmonic is ​​known for music games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band. The studio was founded in 1995. Finally, the makers were responsible for projects such as User or the VR game Audi ca. Despite the takeover by Epic Games, Harmonic will continue to take care of its existing games, as noted in a short FAQ. New content for rock band, rock band rivals and fuse rare therefore on their way. Further details on the plans with EPIC Games will soon announce the responsible persons.