The Pokémon Games sword and shield introduced the most recent generation of pocket creatures that we can capture and train. Having almost 900 Pokémon known to today, it is nothing surprising to know that several designs are strongly inspired by various sources, perhaps the strongest of all, mythological creatures.

Aztec, Egyptian, Nordic, Hindu, China and Japanese, are quite a lot of mythology stories that our world knows. If in each account with numerous deities, heroes and villains and even monsters, the reason why Pokémon takes so much inspiration from this source, and we are going to present it 10 examples below.

10 Mythical Creatures that Should be Pokemon

Did you know all these examples? What is your favorite Pokémon? Just this year, Japan chose their preferred 30, on the occasion of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Now that the diamond and pearl remakes arrive in Nintendo Switch, along with Legends Pokémon: Areas, it is likely that the creatures we met in the Singh region come up in popularity.