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Oh, baby, a triple! Nintendo and Team Ninja offer Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 costumes as the government gives bailouts to large companies. Just this weekend, we reported two free costume packs for Marvel heroes for this game; A package for Defenders and some for the Avengers. Now we have a costume pack for galaxy guards. These packs are all free and arrive all the same day. If you get the DLC Shadow of Doom, your heroes will all look fresh for the new content.

Showcase of All 10 New Guardians & Thanos Costumes - Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (MUA3)

These costumes are for Star Lord, Rocket and Groot, Draw, Zamora and Thanos. Star Lord, Zamora, and Rocket and Groot all have costumes of the Annihilation story line: Conquest, which gave birth to the new Guardians of the Galaxy range we see today in the MCU. The Thanos Imperative Draw costume comes from the mini-series of comics Thanos Imperative in which Thanos and the galaxy guards temporarily unite their strengths. Thanos’s annihilation costume comes from the annihilation comics series, in which Thanos is a main character. This series precedes annihilation: conquest.

Galaxy guards are the first playable characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, but to unlock and play as Thanos, the player must complement the infinite trails, so at least four of these costumes will be usable from the start.. These costumes will be downloadable for free March 25. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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The source: Twitter