In the posting of the report of the authors of the Wall Street Journals to Activision-Blizzard-CEO Bobby Kick are now also words affected, which were more of the subsequent actors of a subheading of the WSJ article: Mike Ibarra and Jen Oneal.

It is about the story that Jen ONEAL would also have submitted their termination because they did not have the same salary offer as Ibarra, even though they occupied both the same position as Co-Leader of Blizzard Entertainment. According to Information of the Games journalists from IGN there are now other statements, both by Year and oral; with different information content and detailed.

Ibarra: We wanted to have the same salary…

Ibarra has informed the information of IGN employees of Blizzard in a Slack channel and via mail or video that they both, Oneal and he themselves have let the Group management of Activision Blizzard know that they want the same salary. As a leader, I am 100 percent behind equality in the broadest sense, Ibarra is quoted by the people of IGN, who saw screenshots of the message. These were sent to you by Blizzard employees.

An Employee of Blizzard expressed his confusion, why the management of Activision Blizzard would deny the Co-Leaders of Blizzard a commitment of salary. Year then explained the following: Jen and I had both existing contracts. I led & Online Products, and she led Vicarious Visions, so it was different. When Jen and I were offered a new contract for the first time, it was for the first time Both the same contract for the new co-management of Blizzard, so our remuneration would be the same.

That sounds like Ibarra s point of view as if it had actually been a big problem to lead the salary adjustment of both co-leader to the way.

ONEAL:… but that s not all

Jen ONEAL has turned on into the internal discussion and has gone a bit more detail — and apparently did not sound very enthusiastic, because she would not want to be involved in a discussion on Slack.

Oral words, it has not received an offer for salary equality after their termination. It will be dealt with the words as Mike and me in the same co-ladder role, we entered the role with our previous compensation that is not It was equivalent. That was still a few time so, after we had repeatedly rejected requests to change them on equivalence quoted. The company informed me about my termination that it worked on a new proposal, but first after I had submitted my termination, we were made equivalent offers. This emphasis has done oral itself.

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Say: Kink has time left for the moment…

From these descriptions, two conclusions can be drawn: you could now say that Jen ONEAL the management has not left a lot of time to make an appropriate offer. However, that was also said, has ended oral in the report of WSJ, that it certainly not only went to money. And in return, OM has also been very nice time to submit a corresponding offer.

The descriptions, of which the authors of IGN report, leave the following conclusion: J. All Back s termination at Blizzard certainly not prepared by a long hand, but was one of these ad hoc actions, for which Blizzard Entertainment and Activision Blizzard is now known.

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