Thou Shinreibyou ~ 10 Wishes. (Japanese: 東方神霊廟 ~ Ten Desires., lit. Eastern Divine Spirit Temple ) is the thirteenth primary game of the Thou Task down scrolling shooter collection made by Group Shanghai Alice.

With the upcoming patch 9.2 course also comes a new raid to WoW. This goes by the name Mausoleum of the First and includes eleven different bosses — including the dungeon master himself. Because the mausoleum is not only the Raid-finals of the patch, but also the story finale of Shadow lands and the completion of a major chapter of WoW history.

Also, the fact that we meet in the new raid on Indoor, had already been by the developers in various interviews and confirmed the developer video. Meanwhile, however, the first build of the next update is available and was taken apart immediately by the data miners. They found lots of interesting things and of course the lack of bosses Mausoleums the First. Which they are, we naturally want to not hide from you at this point.

Mausoleum of the First — all eleven bosses

Here, descriptions were even found on individual bosses already that we have translated for you. Some are, however, still placeholders [PH].

The following eleven bosses are already known:

Solitary Guardian (Lonely Guardian) — The eternal guardian lies in wait, while its sub-symbols on the entrance to the tomb of the First awake.
Sausage, the Fallen Oracle (Sausage, the fallen oracle)
Artificer XYMOX (designer XYMOX) — [PH] XYMOX and his companions requested got the relic of the precursor Wind, an ancient artifact of ancestors, of whom it is that the key to includes arming of ephemera. To the heroes of Zeroth to defeat this time, has XYMOX release the power of the relic of the precursor during the encounter to the trade to turn in his favor.
prototype Pantheon [PH] prototypes of the pantheon of death, created by ancestors in the service of the jailer.
scale, the Insatiable Ravened (scale, the insatiable looters)
Alondra, the Reclaimer (Alondra the Rückforderer) — For eons Alondra crosses the caves of the tomb of the First and fulfills its sacred task to reclaim Ephemera and back into the systemic circulation.
Liquid, Principle Architect (Liquid, the main architect) — Great care Liquid Ephemera erschaffte in accordance with the sacred will of First.
Indoor Wynn
Dread Lords of (Lord of Terror)
Oval (The jailer)

Delayed Release of Raids

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At this point it should be mentioned that not all bosses from day one are at disposal. If the Mausoleum of the First opens its doors, then only wait for the first nine bosses on our heroes. The rear three bosses are only in week two, together with the mythical mode available.

Source: Blizzard Source: Blizzard

The story has backgrounds. Because after we defeated Indoor (and probably saved) have, it will help us to defeat the jailer and his cosmic power. As the developer, however, did not want to simply treat Scene Cut only in a short that, they have decided, quest line to pack a weeks rest and a proper between.

New World Boss

In addition, the Data Miner also have found another boss: Intros. But this is apparently not related to the Mausoleum of the First. It will therefore be likely to meet the new world boss of patch 9.2. How it fits or remaining story of the end of eternity where and when he meets us, plus there is no information so far.

Depends on you the Sanctum of the rule already to his neck out and are you looking forward to the coming raid — or can the First wait a little mausoleum

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