Actually, the update in June 2019 was considered the last expansion of the downward compatibility of the Xbox consoles. For the 20th anniversary, in November 2021, more than 70 Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles came back, which can now be played on Xbox Series X | S and the Xbox One. The complete list of the Xbox Backward Compatibility program can be found here at Gig.

The Xbox One initially came on the market without any downward compatibility. With the step towards Xbox Series X | S, Microsoft has taken over the compatibility built over the past years, so that currently 655 titles of the first two home consoles on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One are executable. In mid-2015, Microsoft has started the offensive to execute the Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. At the end of 2017, the Reminder Group continued one step further: back to her first home console, the original Xbox.

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    1. Xbox & 360 games on Series X | S & One play
  1. 2.Xbox Downward compatibility: All tracks at a glance (as of November 2021)

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Xbox & 360 games on Series X | S & One play

As far as the downward compatibility ( ENG. Backwards Compatibility, short BC ) is concerned, Microsoft is clearly dependent on the competition of Nintendo and Sony. So you can purchase a whole series of downward-compatible titles digitally in the Microsoft Store for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, but you do not have to do so if you still have the original DVD.

If you still have the Xbox or 360 game as a physical disk or purchased digitally on the Xbox 360, you can also use it on the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. With the physical versions you simply set the DVD, whereupon the console offers you the customized version of the game as a download. The DVD serves only as proof that the game is really in your possession. You will not be asked to pay a second time.

It should be noted that some titles are not available from licensing (more) in the store — here you need the disk version of the game. Due to the missing drive, these games are unfortunately not on the Xbox Series S and Xbox One S all digitally playable. By the way, since 12 November 2016, all Xbox 360 games that you receive by Games With Gold are always playable on the Series X | S and ONE.


Xbox 360 games play on Xbox One — does that work?

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Why you get your Save games from the old Xbox 360 on the Xbox One, we explain in the following article: Xbox 360 score transfer to Xbox One. Unfortunately, this is not possible with the original Xbox titles, here you have to start probably or evil from the beginning.

Xbox Downward compatibility: All tracks at a glance (as of November 2021)

The Backward Compatibility of the Xbox was an ambitious project right from the start. The games run by emulation on the new console. Microsoft is sure to make sure that the game runs as problem-free as possible — partially the titles can even outstrip performance on the original hardware. Thus, some games are fluent or achieving their maximum value for dynamic resolution.

For Xbox Series X | S and the Xbox One X there are other adjustments. Thus, some titles are also running with anisotropic filtering and V-Sync to reduce blurred textures and screen tearing. For some games, Series consoles provide an FPS boost (higher refresh rate), auto HDR and faster charging times. Games that have received a performance and / or quality improvement have been marked in the list with an asterisk. Games from the first Xbox generation were marked with two asterisks. These have an increased resolution depending on the console: the Xbox One and One S is doubled the resolution, tripling Xbox Series S and quadrupling Xbox Series X and One X.

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