Shin Mega mi Tense IV (Jap. 真 · 女 神 転生 iv, DT. True Gods Reincarnation ) is a Japanese postal computer system role-playing video game created by Atlas for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the fifth entry of the Shin Mega mi Tense series, the central series of Mega mi Tense franchise business. There is no straight narrative link to previous components of the series. It was released in May 2013 in Japan and also July 2013 in the USA. In Europe, it was released digitally in October 2014. The gameplay follows the formula of the previous Shin Mega mi Tense video games. The round-based press-turn combat system was kept. Below, players and also challengers compromise weak points to obtain additional options in their very own train or shed them.
The tale is regarding Flynn, a Samurai, that shields the medieval kingdom of Mikado from attacks by enemy satanic forces. As a mysterious black-dressed women Samurai starts to transform the locals into devils, Flynn and also three pals are posted to take them restricted. The oppression of the black-dressed Samurai advertises Flynn and also his pals right into a shocking discovery as well as a power battle between angels and demons.
Advancement started after completing Shin Mega mi Tense: Unusual Journey, with the decision to establish a 4th phoned number access of the series as a result of requests of fans. The group desired to produce style as well as atmosphere of the initial Shin Mega mi Tense. The initial story was created by the creator of the Karma Kane collection. The major personalities as well as some devils were developed by Masaryk DOI. He is understood for his payment to the Injury Facility video game collection. It was well offered in the appearance in Japan and was just one of the better games of the year offered. Recessions of the video game were typically positive, both in Japan and in the West.

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Here are the bestsellers of games and consoles in Japan for the week of 8 to 14 November 2021, established and communicated as always by the magazine Fujitsu.

And as it was necessary to expect, Japan did not fail to salute the release of a RPG of the shin mega mi Tense V quenching, which produces very solid physical sales, probably seconded by the performance of the Shop unfortunately not included in the total. As a comparison, Shin Mega mi Tense III: Nocturne started around 152,000 copies in 2003, while Shin Mega mi Tense IV enjoyed the 3DS exhibition to capture 188,000 acquirers in the first week. Also specify that Persona 5 and its almost 345,000 copies run in first week still remains at the top of the series, which celebrates its 35 years of existence this year. The first component of the spin-off, credited by 201,000 sales in 1996 and Persona 4 (211,000 units in 2006), also allow to resituate the performance of the last-born of the series, which will undoubtedly benefit the momentum of the switch for continue to grow up.

We can not say as much about MEGATON HISASHI, the last project MEDIA MIX along Level-5, since the action-RPG does not even pierce the armor of the top 10 for its launch. The switch could have been able to serve as a home for the title, with another 87,000 units sold, including 23.708 OLED models this week, but it will probably have to rely on the possible popularity of the animated series to make its hole — after all, Okay Watch and Trauma Eleven benefited from another era.

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Software ranking

Game name | Console | Sales of the week | Total sales

Battle of Nagashino 1575 Trailer

Shin Mega mi Tense V | Switch | 143 247 | 143 247
Mario Party Superstars | Switch | 45 045 | 289 700
Dragon Quest X Tense No Hitachi | Switch | 22,702 | 22,702
Ring Fit Adventure | Switch | 12 921 | 2 909 153
Dragon Quest X Tense No Hitachi | PS4 | 11 791 | 11 791
Call of Duty: Vanguard | PS4 | 11 719 | 40 040
Animal Crossing New Horizons | Switch | 9 286 | 6,934,540
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | Switch | 8 886 | 4,132,260
Minecraft | Switch | 8 798 | 2,269,592
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate | Switch | 8 608 | 4 498 118

Hardware ranking

Consoles | Sales of the week | Sales of the year | Total sales

Nintendo Switch | 87 267 | 4,518 618 | 21 858 992
PlayStation 5 | 4 910 | 917 788 | 1 172 938
Xbox Series | 2,593 | 87 291 | 118 715
PlayStation 4 | 1,399 | 103 458 | 9,394,348
Nintendo 3DS | 417 | 26 232 | 24,585 140