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Update 1.18 Cellars and mountains arrive at Minecraft very soon! After a great expectation for the second part of the world s large update, Moving has finally unveiled a date.

Minecraft 1.18 Release Date + Archaeology Updates + Pre Releases + MORE!
Minecraft: Release date of update 1.18, Cellars & Cliffs Part 2

A few months after the arrival of the small update 1.17, Minecraft 1.18 is already showing! Announced for autumn then end 2021, the mountain patch, mines, cellars and more generally the generation of the world will change the face of the game…. 30 November !

If some were waiting for it for December, Moving surprises players with an exit date finally quite close. However, this is the cost of some repulsed features in 1.19, as the whole Deep Dark. No scull, archeology or Warden at the end of the month so, only a big facelift for Minecraft worlds.

On the program, you can find a brand new biome system for caves, as well as a better generation of biomes (placement, appearance, coherence) and mountains. The latter are now much more majestic, while maintaining a feeling very specific to the cubic game. Better, all platforms will share the same seeds with a new revised code. Versions Bedrock (Xbox Series X, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android, Windows 10, and Windows 11) and Java (Windows, Linux, macOS) come together again on a point!

Before updating your world in 1.18…

Attention all the same before loading your world, the editor recommends that you prepare several backups of your backups. Indeed, any loaded part in 1.18 will be automatically converted and will become incompatible with the old versions of Minecraft. Rest assured, biome differences as well as the extension of the world size vertically managed by Moving. Farewell The steep peaks, say hello to sweeten hills and making invisible the demarcations of an update to another. Better, caves will also replace the old bedrock at the layer 0!