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New World and Tale Transfer deactivated that s a bit of hand in hand. The online role-playing New World currently suffers from a nasty glitch that has ruined the fun for many adventurers. Because with the help of a trick, players could duplicate the furniture for their in game homes. These include mighty trophies that provide valuable reinforcements and can increase loot luck, for example. Actually, this furniture is therefore damn expensive. Actually.

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Expensive trophies suddenly mass-produced — thanks to DUP

But the duping glitch has ensured that the trading post was flooded with trophies that were simply multiplied. In the official forum, the method for this doubling quickly made the round. The result in the game? The price of trophies, for which players had to raise a fortune, has fallen massively what the achievement of this New World players has declared. After heated discussions on the net, Amazon Game Studios now pulled the ripper: Until the problem is solved, the Tale transfer is deactivated in New World.

Community Manager Tosca addressed duping detailed:
We are aware of a possible duplication exploit, which was widely used in the forums and social media. While examining the exploit, we temporarily disabled all forms of asset transfer between players (e.g. sending currencies, guild funds, trading posts, player To-player trading). Each player involved in the use of these exploits is punished accordingly. As soon as the duplication exploit was examined, and we are ready to re-enable the asset transfer, we will update this post. Thank you for Your understanding.

Amazon Games reacts: 98 percent of the items removed

The developers have also announced that they examine exactly how much the doubled items had affected the In game economy. In addition, 460 players were banned on November 15, which enriched with the Glitch. According to Amazon Games, as a total of 98 percent of all dupe items and accordingly deserved tales were removed from the game. The remaining two percent are composed of players who have only doubled a little and did not exploit it. These are not banned.

Why is Duping especially bad in New World?

In an MMORPG like New World (Buy Now €39.99), whose in game economy is solely determined by players, such a glitch understandably a disaster. Finally, the illegally deserved trophies and the sale of these free items would ruin the work of honest players who have put a lot of gold into the actually expensive items.

How ​​do you see it? Do you feel affected from the Glitch? How much does the deactivated Tale transfer transect your game fun? What is a reasonable punishment for the creepers in New World? Betray us in the comments!

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