Glasgow (in French:/; in English:/ plaza/ or/ ɡlæzɡəʊ/; in Scots: Glenda/ ɡlezɡə/; in Scottish Gaelic: Glass/ Kl̪ˠas̪əxu/) is the major metropolitan area of Scotland and also the third city From the UK, behind London and also Birmingham. It additionally has the status of Council Location as well as Lieutenancy Region, after having the area in the Strathclyde Region (from May 15, 1975, to March 31, 1996) of which it is headquartered. It lies in the west of the central component of Scottish Lowlands. The Glaswegian mild also assigns the local dialect to the singular.
The birth of the city is based upon two medieval foundations: the old archdiocese of Glasgow and the University of Glasgow in 1451. The definitive surge takes place, nevertheless, after the Scottish lights, enforcing an early proficiency rate and a rapid shift from the Proficiency of the tool at machinery. From the 18th century, Glasgow is a considerable facility of transatlantic profession as well as during the industrial change, in the 19th century, design and also shipbuilding take control of.
Called, after London, the second city of the British Empire throughout the Victorian as well as Edwardian ages regardless of its unfortunate track record as a city of Saudis,,, Glasgow still remains today among the most essential economic centers in Europe As well as hosts head office of large Scottish business. In 2012, Glasgow is placed 44th world city for the quality of its infrastructure.

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