Battlefield 2042 is finally here, the traditional classes were replaced by specialists. The game has many unique characters with cool skills, but Sun dance is one of Battlefield 2042 s best specialists. While all other parachutes need to use, Sun dances Kit is equipped with a special wing suit and multi-purpose explosive. It s hard to work with this specialist, but the wing suit gives him an enormous advantage in the list of the game. Upset? We too to tell you how to use Wing suit in Battlefield 2042.

How to use wing suit in Battlefield 2042

To activate the Wing suit Battlefield 2042, you have to find a highly enough projection and jump from this. At this moment you will receive a clear key request at the bottom of the screen to use the wing suit.

Battlefield 2042 - Wingsuit C4 Surprise Tank
As soon as you start flying, use the default flight control to navigate yourself. If you want to float and watch a certain point from afar, move the stick upwards. Move it down to reach more speed. You can change the direction of flight by simply moving ​​the stick to the left or right. Once you have decided for a suitable landing place, take you closer to the ground and press Enter, the red circle on another controller-specific counterpart to make a successful landing and close the wing suit.

The use of the wing suit has a number of advantages. You cant ink to other flight objects such as helicopters to fly further and higher. You can catch enemies unprepared and let them too shock them to counter or defend themselves by landing directly on their flank. Furthermore, you have a greater overview of the entire battlefield and can use the ping system to highlight potential hazards for the rest of the squad. As soon as you enter a place undiscovered, you can eliminate the entire enemy cluster with grenades without notice. And it s fun to use storms and tornadoes in running in random heights.

If you feel too safe, just put it on the floor. However, remember that a too strong impact on the ground you hurt or even kill. In addition, a loud blow to the ground can alert the enemies. Now that you know everything about the use of wing suit in Battlefield 2042, maybe your sun dance soon have a victory dance!

Battlefield 2042 is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Steam and PC.