Since the release of February 4, 2019, it has maintained explosive popularity in Japan Apex Legends (Apex Legends). Same as the on-parade legend of individuality, The sensibility of the player is also rich.

That s why there are many readers who have lost every legend What legend is perfect for yourself…?.

In the last article, we introduced Li s, Gibraltar, Pass finder, but the second is the second This time Bangalore, Brad Hound, Lifeline. Let s find more What type of.

Are you confident in your arm?
Such you, surely…… Bangalore type!

Bangalore written in the APEX game Vulgarity. She literally, literally, before participating in the Apex game, he was born in a military family, and he is the owner of the history of a genuine former soldier who has joined its own to the army. While she is looking for her brother who was missing during the war, back to her hometown Her heavy past is carrying her heavy past to join Apex games to earn her travel costs It is also a legend.

However, if it is a backstory, it would be an image of Apex Legends player in Japan I m a cannon. is definitely no image. Accurately saying The ruthless person does not use a scope? I am a cannon., but the image is no longer Net Meme Bangalore = cannon It seems to keep establishing for a while. Also, every time the cheetah is encountered There is no Auto Aim thing Women s serif will flow in the brain? Before the eyes and Korea, that is one of the authors. From Japan s players Being OK Cooked Draft and stable Cannon and various names.

Such Bangalore is currently, Unfortunately, no cannon is, but it is a character that can be a trivial battle that seems to be a military person. For this work, it is not a supervised supervisor that appears frequently, Not unbelievable, or can not fly, Most Right for FPS Games An ability to block vision Smokrancher, a widespread attack with a widespread attack Rolling Thunder, passive ability improving movement speed just with a stomach of attacks Rush Foot helps to reduce the number of bullets and can be purely powerful. The ability to change the war station will not be combined, but it is Bangalore that allows it to be approaching it depending on the players skill.

Such a Bangalore is a 臨 機 応 考. If you make a mistake, you will be able to use the availability and Ultimate that will be connected to the friend, and you will be able to say to the player who already experienced the FPS game. It is perfect for you who want to decide the wind direction alone.

On the other hand, Bangalore

Because there is a fucking, it is a margin 3 people normally 3 people!

Smoke at your feet! A word of allies What s wrong with the situation

Resuscitation! Smoke! Normally Brad Hounding Lol

There is an enemy! Missile request! Soon… I ll attack me from now on, the enemy is… I ran away more

The enemy of that place wants to move… missile drops! I o Either storm !!!!

Please note that it will be……. It is useful as a simple shield that makes it difficult to take information, The deterrence power outside the other s S key and mouse, or the stick of the game pad is broken and the deterrence except the condition that only proceeds before is outstanding smoked If you have received information and status information, the effect will be thinner. This is currently no doubt that, among the environments in the environment that the Brad Hound is meta, it is only one of the causes of the cause of Bangalore to be said.

Method of shooting smoking directly towards the other party is. There is a disadvantage that the other party can not be seen, but it should be when you earn time that shots smoke in the first place. If you try to scan, if you move the other vision, the information that the other party gets is overwhelmingly less. It is a bit difficult because you have to predict the unique ballistic and enemy moving position, but please try practicing by beginners who read this article.

Bangalore is called Celadons and fossil, and even more than two years have already been followed from the start of service, there is a side that has not been adjusted to fundamentally change the character. Passive availability is urged with season 1 opening, and the speed of run-foot activation is reduced. Currently, Moving speed 30% improvement effect, but before that Moving speed has improved by 40%. For reference, the current octane executive agent normal 30%, Sprint 40% movement speed improvement, but Bangalore at that time is almost at the time of war Unconditionally, I was benefiting from the speed improvement.

About Rolling Thunder, Damage improvement in Season 3, Cool Down Decrease in Season 6, and the time from landing to explosion in season 7 and generally moves, but direct attacks, but direct attacks More Moving the enemy from the attack range, the enemy, breaks the enemy, destroy the protection with the enemy, is not changing, and it is difficult to say that it will change the character. Season 8 receives a silent knurl (unaffected by official) that reduces smoke concentrations Bung is…, but again this is the Blood Hound below Completely covered It was not like adjustment. Also, the concentration of smoke is now darker and can be used with confidence.

Although this adjustment has undergone, Bangalore is still a legend that the user s FPS skill is directly linked to the battle. Currently, meta and legend specifications are also changing I can not do that, but it is said that Apex Legends at the start of service Lace, lifeline, And Bangalore, overwhelmingly There were a lot of battle crazy parties from the front.

The environment that is meta becomes Week point, and it is a Bangalore that is hard to look somewhat. However, the potential is never low. The lucky word that uses such a Bangalore is Live principle. You would like to learn the basics of your own FPS skills to maximize the FPS skills that you want to learn the basics of FPS, and Bangalore will always be a good buddy at any time.

Do you always know the existence of the enemy?
Such you, surely…… Blood Hound type!

In this work Hunter to track enemies in science. Frontier history the best hunter Apex Widely in the world of Apex is widely known, but it is also a character that carries a sad past that dies his parents in an accident. After that, he was raised by an uncle who sells old scenes and has a pattern of the current personality.

That s why, every time there is List of primary and the primary god as a player psychology This person is a great durable… Brad Hound. Even with the official character introduction Both the name and the age of the age and the legend that have a background wrapped in a mystery, there is also a Following Tongue of the Areas of ancient Scandinavian, and still the influence of the uncle You can see big things. In addition, the official Non-binary (not application the framework of men and women to its own sexual recognition) Legend, and certainly that it is certain that you can feel specific gender even in the game Unknown. From the player, you may be familiar with Brahma.

Brad Hound is current status, Meta Powerful character. Ability Almighty Eye, Visual Moving speed is further increased by highlighting enemies, and themselves increase in the enemies, and even their own moving speed is 30% elevated, and the movement speed of themselves is highlighted by highlighting the enemy, highlighting the enemies, even if the visibility becomes monochrome, the enemy becomes monochrome. Cool Down of Eye Cool Downs also Speed ​​Up Artist Hunting Beast, Passive Tracker and Enemy s Presence It is a legend that is longer to understand. Especially Eye is a powerful ability to get information relatively safely and unilaterally, with a relatively safe and unilateral information, in the nature of the game called battle royal doing battle while moving a vast map. You can use it in a separate unit of warning and various applications.

Such a Brad Hound is always calm and the idea to over the situation. You can always think about at any time, such as timing using scan (full-time eye) and the prediction of enemy position by tracker.

On the other hand, Brad Hound

Did you not sound? Shall we scan? Six enemies 6 people detection, messy laughs

Push the Ultimate button wrong during Hyde Detect s voice

If you have become invincible, illusion, assault and allies are a word It s not an ultra that can be invincible

If you receive a headshot Brahma is still a head decal…?

There are many people who had such an experience or seen? It is often a while to move and take information. However, the scan that can be said to be the liver is an overwhelming strength that recognizes both oneself and others, and if it is a player in this work When it is displayed unexpectedly Oh, it might be dead You should know the feeling. Match Final Bath, Shooting Scans from his Subfield Feature Love Brahma is often witnessed. Very powerful Know the position of the enemy It is always a place where you want to stood superiority as well as its own, but also a scan that can share your allies.

This is not possible to think now, but in the old days, the Brad Hound is also a legend that has been deceived with Head-mesh (Physically) and People who only say the primary god etc., and its presence is It was full of Mozambique, which is loved as a leading news weapon, and it was unobtrusively to say P2020. Let s pick up a big adjustment that caused such a Brad Hound to go up to the current position. Ability All-purpose eyes (scan).

It was the season 4 that the basic foundation was made. The previous scan distance is about 3/1, and the time to highlight the enemy hit to the scan 1.5 seconds. Because it was too much more reliable performance Position Barre Manufacturing Machine Ultra is the main unit etc., but at that time Reinforcement of jackets and Brahma himself became the primary god Management also believed to believe in the primary god is a lot of more crowded, and the Brad Hound is done. Then, along with the season 6 opening, Ultimate During the effect time of Hunting Beast effect, the scan cool time is shortened from 25 seconds to 6 seconds (currently downward corrected to 8 seconds). Furthermore, the survey beacon scan is also possible Demon s reinforcement, and it reached its establishment. The success from here does not have to talk, it will be familiar if it is APEX player.

Blood hound that looks like a lot of professional and general scenes. Ability to make starting point in face-to-face Team shooting responsibility is often picked up, but You can find the position of the enemy Can contribute to allies Also recommended for beginners is a lot of legends.

The lucky word that uses such a bloodhound is Safety confirmation. Of course, even in the situation, even if you can not find the enemy using a scan I made a safety area easily. Especially for beginners, try using the scan more and more. If you think of you I want to know the situation here, there should be a lot of allies and allies I can t scan. Let s kick the enemy team, keeping together ally and feet.

Do you want to go to allay support?
Such you, surely…… Lifeline type!

APEX Games Lifelines written as Fighting Health. She was born to a wealthy family, she noticed her property built by war leaves a house and joins a humanitarian assistant. She is the reason for participating in Apex games Donation of prize It is a saint, but she also has one side that she can not get the start of others for winning prizes.

The image of the lifeline is not a player who plays this work from the beginning to the player and not the player who is not the player who is not. First, a significant specification change of the character. It is not a strengthening or weak body, but the character s Adjustment of the basic performance should be significantly contributed to the image differentiation. In addition, the early Apex Legends can only be selected in English speech, and even in that voice of lifeline was in English that has been a net of Akin, so it was also a material. Was. That kind of nickname from her Japanese player Life Lila etc. She also recognizes himself Certainly a noble day WWW, and later is a singer Obama Thermal from Obama Thermal, who showed off the cosplay too high quality, and may be called Thermal.

Currently, the lifeline is a character that specializes in allay support. Ability to recover HP rapidly on the fly DOC Held Loan ALTIMETER Care package, automatic resuscitation request for articles and recovery items, and care packages containing attachments The ability to support teams directly with Battle Resurrection. Customize Gold back and guardian angel, resuscitation can be performed with a certain amount of physical strength and shield LV. 4 backpack is especially compatible and there is a lifeline Even though I thought that one enemy team went down, the situation does not change easily, and there are many players with experience that I have been driven into reverse? It is a sanitation that contributes to the team with the front of the front line and the bottom of the strength of the force by the care package.

Such a lifeline is Wanted to pay attention to the team. You can worry about the HP of allies, drop the care package in a relatively safe place, and you can resuscitate the down allied, and you can only consider the entire team as well as yourself The lifeline is perfect for perfect.

On the other hand, the lifeline is

I can t be aware of the alien of what I put out the drone Drone out

Automatic resuscitation too much The resuscitation was too strong…

When requesting a care package, the enemy comes to You Your It s not funny!

A pin is stabbed to an ultimate accelerator I understand that it was found there, so I know it,

There are many players who saw such an experience? Healing! I m out of it! Here! Here! Here! The flow of here! flow is no longer familiar. Because it is specialized in the support of the team, many opportunities related to allies are also related, and that amount contribution complaints will increase. However, it can be said that one can say After fighting, when they were fishing, it was recovered with a drone when it was recovered with a drone Saved lives in Armor of the care package requested by the lifeline There are also several players. Don t forget to thank the lifeline player who will support the team while being bravely.

As mentioned above Lifeline with many activities as supporter, how far the season was noticed by the picks as shooting together. She picks up her big adjustment that has become a Battle supporter.

If you have a player who started this work since adjustment Lifeline passive is automatic resuscitation image is strong, but passive from the start of service to significantly adjustment is Other recovery items It can be used at 25% faster than the character, resuscitation (when it is not automatic and manual) at that time,, and the lifeline him hit box is small, especially the former passive We have established a status as a battle-type character that follows Rice. Also, currently the standard of all players Evolutionary body shield. It is an item in which the season 6 was standardized from Season 4, standard introduced from season 6, and all players were equipped with all players, but it is a separate special item frame until the introduction of season 6 is given damage to the enemy Nothing to evolve, just Body shield accounted for many field spawns. So Get high Armor with LV It is directly connected to combat power more than now, It is not absolute, but it is possible to obtain LV. 3 Armor. Care package Like Lifeline, Lifeline is an existence that can be relied upon now.

Combat There is also a change in the game overall meta Counter, and there is a lifeline that is difficult to see a slight appearance. In the season 9, the shield at the time of automatic resuscitation was deleted, but it is also a buff such as upgrade warranty in the care package, and improving the held loan recovery speed, and the power as a team supporter is alive.

The lucky word that uses such a lifeline is watching. While participating in the battle, try to win with the team with the team with dedicated support according to the situation.

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