A new pub: battleground-patch has just been released and is in patch notes for PC update 14.2 are a few small cutouts about the future of the game — and unfortunately no good news for long-time players.

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While the players can expect to fire mortars or try out the M79 smoke grenade launcher, a new and improved PUBG ranking mode or even familiar with the new down-but not-out-floating function, you will not seek forward to Kiki — The coming card — or the content of the Survivor Pass, since both have been delayed for some time.

This is because the development team of Grafton was brought to work on another big project. It is unclear what the project is, but the blog to the map rotation plan indicates that this is not a further game (then scraping PUBG 2), but a big change of plans, which is announced in the coming months. Whatever it is, however, has strongly affected PUBG s roadmap.

Kiki, the fourth 8 × 8 card of the game, was postponed from December to mid-2022, and survival will be added to the game until March 2022.

The delay at Kiki is certainly a blow for the game and the community, but the decision to stop the production of Survivor Passes is just as strange — especially since they offer the players a real chance to win profits for new skins and cosmetics.

We have to wait for what the big project is and what impact it will have in the new year on the game.