A group of hackers that calls itself fail0verflow revealed today that they are already nothing to break the security of PlayStation 5. Via Twitter, the collective affirms Obtained access to the internal Root Keys of the PS5, which are used to decrypt the firmware of the machine.

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Translation: We already have all the symmetrical root keys of the PS5. All of them can be obtained from the software — including Root Key by console, if you are looking for enough.

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According to ROAMER, FAIL0VERFLOW previously deciphered both the PS3 and PS4, in addition to that they also managed to make the switch run personalized software. Unfortunately for Sony, it seems that it is a matter of time so that they also do from their own with PS5, and surely the Japanese company will not be left.

This does not mean that the PS5 has already been fully committed, only that they are close to doing so. The photograph you can see on the Tweet above indicates having the root keys of the system, which can be used to find exploits and run unofficial firmware on the console.

Editor s note: This kind of thing sooner or later had to happen. We have seen it with almost all generations of consoles, so it is a matter of time for hackers to decipher and break the PS5 code. We only hope that this does not have strong long-term repercussions.