The Hugo Prize for Finest Romanesque (Hugo Award for Ideal Novel) is an American literary reward granted every year since 1953 by the World Sci-fi Society (Worldcon). He compensates sci-fi as well as fantasy functions with even more than 40,000 words published throughout the previous fiscal year. The Retro Hugo cost of the most effective book is granted 50, 75 or 100 years after a year when the World did not award a rate.

[Data provided: Angel Games]

\ — Songhua Fantasy Logic Liquid + Battle Royal Genre Combine Eye Rice

\ — Gig special video PV released in the introduction of various adventures of Wanderers

Angel Games announced today (9 days) today (9 days) today (9 days) that opened the teaser page of the new action game (hereinafter referred to as Westerners).


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The teaser page is designed to be the atmosphere of the game, such as Alice, Robin, such as Alice, Robin, with the slogan called Surprise..

In addition, it is expected that the promotional image of the action fun and the adventure introduction of the Wanderers> can feel only WARNING.


Angel Games plans to participate in the Vesta 2021 BTC, which is the largest game exhibition, which is held from Babushka, which is held from the 17th to 21st to the Wanderers> Teaser page disclosure, to the Maximum Game Exhibition in Susan.

The visitors who visited Angel Games BTC booths during the Vesta period can be played directly on PC and Mobile.

It plans to provide a space that can play the Wanderers: The Arena directly with PC and mobile for general visitors.

In addition, we will proceed with various events related to through the special stage of the booth.


Meanwhile, Wanderers: The Arena, which is aimed at the highest action adventure game in the global market, is aiming for launching 2022. This game features a fantasy worldview that has reinterpreted the fairy tale as a modern water, which combines Log Lick and Battle Royal genre.