Yes, Game of Thrones fans had everything but easy with the 8th season of the series. And that the end of the books should be different from that of the series, is only a weak consolation. But the filming in the series was no sugar rock, as Gemma Wherein (Yard Grey joy) reported.

In an interview with the Guardian, she talks about it that it is recognized on the street, but is rarely assigned correctly and why the sex scenes in Game of Thrones have been an insane chaos. According to Wherein, the latter resulted above all from the lack of concrete instructions and arrangements.

Spontaneity vs. Membership: The sex scenes in Game of Thrones

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Like Wherein, you mostly filmed on the sex scenes: They just said If we call action, start! And it was a mad chaos. But between the actors there was always a kind of instinct to ask at the other if everything is alright.

There was a scene in a brothel with a woman, and she was so naked that we talked about where the camera would be and what she would be satisfied. A director said something like breasts together, a pat on the Ass and then go!, But I ve always talked to the other person.

Also, the controversy, because incestuous sex scene between Then (Alfie Allen) and Yard from the 2nd season was turned with a lot of consultation between the two actors: Alfie was the whole time so is the okay? How do we get that To run ?

While HBO is now involved in all productions infirmity coordinators, that was not the case for Game of Thrones: With intimacy directors, it is a choreography — you go there, I move here, and permission and consent are pronounced each other, Before you start. It s a step in the right direction.

While the Game of Thrones series has been over for two years, fans are still waiting for the last books of George R. R. Martin. In addition, House of the Dragon has now announced a spin-off, the next year is to go to the start.

Source: The Guardian

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07.11.2021 at 11:40