The ampules exit was a source of problems for the Warframe community for some time now. It can simply be a struggle to hurt the thing, and need to send six in a timely manner can be a major puzzle for some players. In truth, you probably had the answer to this problem in your inventory all the time. Let s see how to quickly kill an ampules and make the output ampules a breeze.

How to quickly finish the output ampules

The vast majority of this mission is just running to the ampules. You do not need to fight anything on the way, simply go to the security door and hack it, and then direct yourself to the platform where you fight the ampules. When you get there, you have to fight the first ampules, then hack it. There seems to be serious gaps in the knowledge for this particular mission, perhaps because when you run it normally, things can happen so fast that it can be difficult to follow what s going on. Let s review some important things to remember.

After having exhausted the ampules health bar, you must hack it. If you are bad in the piracy puzzle, just let someone else do it because time is limited until the ampules come back online, and you had to kill it again. Since this is an output, you can not use a number and must resolve it manually.
The person who pirates the ampules can not do anything else, so you must cover them and kill all the enemies who attack them, otherwise they will die quickly.
Once hacked, you must keep the ampules. Drones will come to try to repair the machine, you have to kill them before they can.

These are all very important information points. What trails this mission is the need to kill and hack the ampules several times because people do not do these other important tasks. If you notice that a member of your team takes care of a task, simply choose a different job and do it instead.

Maximum damage against ampules

People like to use War frames like ISARA and Walker against ampules, and although these are excellent, they both need reasonably specific versions. Add to that ISARA is a pain to get, and many people do not have it, and you have a problem. A Warframe that anyone who perform outputs should have is Nova, because you pull it from the breeding of the raptors in Ahmad, on Europa.

How to kill Ambulas - WARFRAME

A basic force building is all you need here. Simply stack capacity forces until you are about 180% capacity force. I associate it with a Tigris premium, although any powerful flush rifle will do the trick. I also bring points of life and additional shields, because this method involves remaining still for a few seconds, which can be mortal in an output.

To kill the ampules quickly, simply use your second capacity, Antimatter Drop. Launch it, then throw as many shotgun shots in the orb as possible while heading to the ampules. Once he knocks, he will do half of his health to kill him. Just repeat until the ampules are down.

If you have trouble landing antimatter, simply use your 4th capacity to slow the ampules to make it easier. This will also increase the damage you deal with Ampules with Antimatter Drop. Remember that the drop of antimatter follows your reticle, so keep it centered on the ALBUMS. In addition, do not touch the characters models from other players because it would result in the explosion of antimatter too early. If your team goes through the path, just ask themselves to stand away from the ampules in the cat.

What to do if you can not damage

As I said before, there are many other things you can do if your damage to ampules are just not enough. Bring a good support frame is a great idea. Rhino and Limbo are rarely slaughtered and can easily revive other players. Rhino can also make improvements to your team s damage, just like Chroma or Harrow. Rhino is also excellent in the crowd control with its Stomp, and Limbo can use Cataclysm to protect the ampules once it is hacked.

All good crowd control is also welcome, sides being an excellent setting, which can also cure its teammates. Finally, generate a lot of energy for other players and bring health packs to help people stay in the fight. If you do not have Nova yet or have completely ignored this setting, I strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with him. The ampules output will return to rotation again, after all. The real thing for this one is a real teamwork. Being able to spot that in your group does the most damage, then help them by doing the other tasks will transform it from a chore into a breeze.