[Kooking] Cookie Run: Kingdom was selected as a candidate for Kingdom s 2021 popular game of Google Play.

First Time Playing Cookie Run: Kingdom

Devs Sisters (Joint Representative Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Jong-il) is a mobile game developed by its development studio Devs Sisatz Kingdom (joint representative, Yi, Eunji) Cookie Run: Kingdom It was announced that it was selected as a candidate for the popular game of this year.

Google Play is an announcement of the best games and apps that have been loved by many users in various categories, including innovation and popularity every year. This year, the game is on the 20th, the app for the app 10, is in the process. The most supported games and apps are finally selected according to 100% voting results.

According to Devs Sisters, the Popular Games of the Popular Games of Popular Games, which shine on Google Play, released on the 3rd day, was included in the popular game. Cookie Run: Kingdom is a description that it was selected as a popular game candidate in six countries, including Korea, including Korea, including Korea, including Korea, including Korea, including Korea, and Thailand, Taiwan, Brazil, Turkey, and Italy

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a character collection-type role performance (RPG) that is a character collection type role that is a social network game (SNG) element (SNG) element (SNG) element (SNG) element based on cookie run IP. Immediately after the release of January, Google plays at home in Korea, including the first place for free games and 2nd games, and the Global Cumulative exceeded 10 million downloads in about three months.

From the second half of this year, we are expanding their influence on major game markets such as Japan and the United States. We plan to expand large-scale campaigns for full-fledged European assumptions from early next year.

The vote will be held on the 17th of the 2021 Google Play This year, and the winning work is released on the 29th (Based on Pacific Station) on the 29th.