Fancy new impressions from Elden Ring? Yes? Well! They exist this afternoon and not too tight.

Until the release of Elden Ring, the new work of Dark Souls developer from software, it is still almost four months after the title was most recently postponed from 21 January to February 25, 2022. Some of you will be allowed to try the Open World Action RPG in a week, a closed network test is thank you. From 12 to 15 November there are daily periods in which the servers are online. To abandon the anticipation of it, FROM software publishes new gameplay material – whopping 15 minutes today!

The whole thing takes place in the form of a YouTube premiere, but there is also a stream on Twitch on the official channel of Publisher Bandai Namco. At 15 o clock the first broadcast of the video begins. Do not let yourself irritate that in the Youtube player is a little of 14:45 – there begins the 15-minute countdown.

What exactly from Software shows is not known. On Twitter only announced that there are new pictures from Elden Ring today. But we are honest: Anyone who estimates Souls Likes or especially in particular the games of fromSoftware, which is probably no matter what specifically shows, as long as something is shown and not too much anticipated.

19 Minutes of Elden Ring Gameplay Preview

But apart from the gameplay trailer, who celebrated his premiere at the Summer Game firmly in June, and we have not had anything else to face from the game so far. And if from Software makes his job properly and elden ring is really as big as we hope for that, then it is likely to discover more than enough in the finished game even after today s video, which is not already known to one.