Microsoft has published the video UNSC ARCHIVES-UNSPOKEN of the FPS series latest work Halo Infinite which is scheduled to be released on December 9.

In this video, the enemy aliens are attacked by the Covenant s attack, successful escape from the human-like colony Harvest and the escape of the human side UNSC (UNITED Nations Space Command-Japan Universe H) It is composed of sign language by the Marine Corps. They take escape and to protect the boarding person from the enemy s attacks, and to protect the boarding personnel. This is later connected to the birth shield of Master Chief.

The image sign language is addressed to the parents of the Buddy David by one Marine Corps Domingus. According to it, when I take the energy shield from the enemy, I encountered the ambush of the enemy Covenant s Jackal, and I m bravely bravely to the leader, and I will respond with two people. As a result, the compensation of what you could get the shield is large, David died and he has seriously injured his throat. David cares about his parents and children when transported to emergency treatment, and he has conveyed that he was a brother like his brother.

Halo Infinite - UNSC Archives - Unspoken

Halo Infinite expected to be a story is for PC (Steam / Microsoft Store) / Xbox SERIES X | S / Xbox One, and campaign mode is released on December 9 (3 am on Microsoft Store) for 7,590 yen. schedule. It also supports Xbox Game Pass from the first day of release. Multiplayer mode will be released as a basic play free service.