I do not know about you, but yesterday, when he finished the State of Play I was disappointed. I think the event began loose, with games that failed to thrill. When the turn came Little Devil Inside I began to climb the first steep climb that mountain hoped was a surprising emotional coaster. But no. PlayStation appointment there and just left me with a feeling of disappointment I m still chewing the next morning.

Sure, what do you expect? Comment me some friends and colleagues of the office. Well, I do not know, something, I reply while beginning to wonder whether the fault will not be mine for pears ask elm, to wait more than you promised me. But no, the voice of Lichis musical sounds in my head and he tells me do not call me naive for having an illusion. And that PlayStation fans had called an event to show its ecosystem games developed by parties third. And yes, that s strictly what they did. While I believe that very few of the fans who watched the event may say they were excited with what is shown. Because obviously, they did not confirm what parties third literally here comes from Ubisoft to GungHo Online. I think we can say that, leaving aside the aforementioned Little Devil Inside we had already seen before, none of the games shown last night enthused. Not enthuse, they offered no definitive date for the game Neostream. Does it justify the new Star Ocean follow live an event that begins at 11 pm? I imagine for fans of the JRPG itself.

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On these occasions I always remind myself that I am a victim of my own hype, generally I always superior genre expectations to what really is promised. But this time I think I will not say that of not you, it s me. And I think that the date last night with PlayStation led to expect much more than they actually He offered himself. True, some hours before insiders and personalities from the network and warned that it was a space in which surely would not great titles. It was a date of engagement Sony with certain developers. Namely. But it is also hard to think that with Call of Duty Vanguard just around the corner, this was not the time for a new breakthrough. Or that being the parties third players, Warner Bros. will pass another opportunity will show how Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy, I do not know about you, but I m starting to be concerned with the state health of the project.

Anyway, I think it is not their fault fans, of course, but a little Yes studies and developers. In general, not only for the date last night. Perhaps today has touched the Chinese to PlayStation, but not the fault of both Sony and the situation. Some readers think I m pointing to this or that brand for not teaching the game I want to see, or something similar. Much less, but I want to point out what I think is a state of exhaustion these formats before beginning to settle in the community. I suffer and sure I am not the only one.

I want to point out what I think is a state of exhaustion before this type of formats In recent years, virtual appointments presentation events have been normalized, and that in itself has nothing wrong. With the recent pandemic through, they have been established as a channel of direct communication between developers, studios and players. Much has been spoken in games about the pros and cons of this strategy, but we all understand that health status and public precaution priority everything else, while it is clear that the engine industry, while it may lose speed, can not stand. The phenomenon affects not only video games, those fans who are also, for example, figure collectors also know that before the absence of major fairs face like Toy Fair, key manufacturers of the sector as Hasbro have sought their own virtual dating to present their news.

In videogames, as in the example of collecting, an undesirable scenario has been derived in my opinion. This new communication channel seems to have created a recurrence phenomenon. The organizers of the events have found a perfect way to dose the information and to acquire the attention of potential buyers without having to compete with other brands for a visibility space while multiplying The impacts of presence in networks and means. But they have also settled a tacit agreement with the fans in which it is established that, in a timely manner, each number of weeks there will be an appointment in which news will be seen. That supposes, throughout the year, a good number of call. If under normal conditions it was already difficult to see many exciting projects beyond inescapable meetings such as E3, how and with what to fill these recurrent appointments, more when many developments have been affected by the impact of coronavirus? You can not get something out of nothing.

They join the hunger with the desire to eat. I insist, I do not want anyone to think I put Sony as the Bad of this movie for the last night event. I think it s something that affects all the big names of the industry. Microsoft also chained a good number of mini-events in which little was taught, and that with a newly released console. Maybe it s Nintendo who is best managing this same communication problem. The Japanese are taking care of themselves a lot of notify in advance of the content of each one of their Direct. If it is a space dedicated to independent titles, that is what they offer. If you are only going to see Smash Bros., those amateurs who are not interested in that title can skip the appointment quietly. They are simply clearer, and it is an efficient way of moderate the expectations of fans. It is true that does not always work and that the claim, of first, can be much lower, since there will be no people pending the event waiting for surprises. But in the case of there is no great surprises, Nintendo has not to be able to stop a raging deillusion sea as a reaction in social networks during the following days.

Disappointment also conditions the behavior Perhaps it has been abused so much of these appointments in recent months, or they have been used so badly, that I think it begins to generate some rejection among fans. Many fans come to appointments, now not because of the possible content, if not to see how the lack of it can be used to attack the followers from the other side in this virulent and without feeling war of brands that we live. There are even those who only see these events with your finger on the key to capture screen to hunt next meme of success. It is another aspect of a situation of wear, in which consumers come to these calling recurrently and in most cases they end the date disappointed. When this happens consecutively two or three times, it is expected to discover discouragement. I imagine that even Pávlov s dog would begin to doubt the bell at some point, because Disappointment also conditions behavior.

What a wonderful world if an event was dedicated only to games, by saying, parachuting, and developers presented it as a vertigo event dedicated to parachuting, and that this is finally adrenalinic for the quality of the titles presented. But nobody escapes that the smoke has become a recurring advertising tool, and therefore, maybe every day less effective.

Amateurs must be realistic and we deserve to be informed with all this, I insist, I do not want to say that there is a single culprit, although it is not about looking for guilty. We are facing a new situation, before a moment of change that industry, means and amateurs we still have to get used to. I do not think this new communicative model is going to disappear, I do not think it will definitely replace what it was before, but it will come to a new relationship system between the parties that is something hybrid. For this, some fine adjustment is still needed. The fault will never be the illusion of the amateur, but I think the fans must be realistic: that there is room for surprise does not mean that each appointment hides a great revelation, hence the special of the revelations. For that, nothing better as being well informed. That is the responsibility of the developers, which on their part should be clearer when it comes to presenting their claims, leaving a moderate space to speculation and false hopes. Thus, a good amount of controversies can be saved in the networks as a consequence. And if you have nothing to teach, it may be better to wait for another time or space, a state development state of the most advanced project; and If there are there are surprises, announce it to hype and saucer, as long as that surprise is really special, because we already know all that the one that takes it to teach it is a breakdown.