Rockstar Games is a developer and video game publisher based in New York in the United States, owned by Take-Two Interactive since the redemption in 1998 of the BMG interactive BMG video game publisher.
The brand is mainly known for the Grand Theft Auto series, which has taken a major importance in the world of video games in the 2000s. The company holds other flagship franchises that have made its reputation, including Canis Canem Edit, Max Payne, Midnight Club, Manhunt or the Red Dead series. Most brand games take place in open world.
Rockstar Games includes studios that have been acquired and renamed, as well as other internally created. Although a large number of studios acquired by Take-Two Interactive merged with the Rockstar Games division, several other recent studios have retained their previous identities and have become an integral part of the 2K Games division.
The Rockstar Games label was founded in New York in 1998 by the British video game producers SAM HOUOUER, Dan Houseer, Terry Donovan, Jamie King and Gary Foreman.

Who stolen this week in red dead online the valuable gem il sovrano from rhodes, gets double RDO $ & XP. In addition, all locations of Call to arms are available. Anyone who combines in a permanent squad is obtained on top of that a net reward in the amount of 3,000 xP.

The contents of the week:

Double RDO $ & XP for the completion of the il-sovrano opportunity

Double RDO$ and XP + 6 Free Tonics in Red Dead Online
3,000 XP Reward for playing Call to arms in a permanent squad
Double XP in call to arms
Bonuses in call to arms : Per 5 capitale for the survival of shaft 3 or shaft 7 and again 10 capitale and 2,000 xp for surviving wave 10
A free skill card and an offer for 30% discount on any weapon for the completion of a gelegenheit from BLOOD Money in a permanent squad
The Quick-Draw Club 4 is available : Do you deserve the HuntingDock Mantel, the dunster outfit, the Rörster-poncho and more
Free ammunition : 100 shot hoch speed rifle and – revolvermunition for logging in this week
Discounts : 30% on rifles, capability cards and mustergs and 40% to brochures for the production of ammunition
Prime Gaming Advantages: Who links his account in the Rockstar Games Social Club before 25 October with prime Gaming, receives a Gutschein for 40 Capital and an offer over 50% discount on the Mauser pistol.

All details can be found on the Rockstar Newswire.