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\ – Japan Apple Store Sales 5th, 2 consecutive cases of two consecutive market free games Download 1st place

\ – Apple Store Assessment 4.8 points 3 weeks and select Apple Feature… Recognized by game quality and fun elements

US Games Developer The Mobile Games of the Mobile Games is from Japan s release, and it is the first place in Google Play Store sales, and it is causing a blast.

10 New App Store Games #7

Through the Bean Studio Japan, the Bean Studio, Bean Studio Japan has begun the local official service of Guardian Tales as a sole publishing on the last 6 days. Two days in two days, the Apple Store and Google App Market, etc., and the free game downloads from the two market downloads to the first place. Sales also ranked first in the Japanese Google Play Store, and the Apple Store ranked 5th in the Apple Store and successfully seated in the Japanese game market.

In addition, is a high assessment of 4.8 points in the Japanese Apple Store, as well as the excellence of quality as an assessment factor, and was recognized for the excellence and fun of the game.

In fact, Japanese users who encountered , I feel that it is a ball in the localization, The game with a gaming game in cute graphics, Story is a great game,, Fun Story, Movement Excellent Dot graphics are equipped with good sexuality,, I will show events and collads, I will play every day, and I will play a positive response from the quality of the game to operations and events.

is ranked 3rd and free to download Apple Store sales in April, with the launch of the service in China, with the first place to download and free download, ) Achieving a) and has been in the world game market.

The game industry official said, It is fairly unusual that a game developed by an overseas game company, not a Japanese local game company, is quite unusual, These performance are It will be a blue shoe to prepare.