For the modern Zen 3-CPUs such as the Ryzen 5 5600X or Ryzen 7 5800X is actually a current motherboard for the socket AM4 announced, preferably with a 500-chipset as the A520 or B550. The chipsets B450 or X470, which still come from the Ryzen 3000 times, support the latest CPUs, at least after a BIOS update.

A320 motherboards receive 5000-Support Ryzen

Now WCCTECHCH reports that Gigabyte – without hanging this publicly to the big bell – already made two mainboards with the already very old A320 chipset from today s perspective by updates for Ryzen 5000. The A320 chipset dates back to 2017 and came along with the very first AMD Ryzen CPUs of the 1000er family on the market.


The two mainboards are the Gigabyte GA-A320M-H and Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H. Both models are currently available in the trade, under 50 euros. Thus, there are new, favorable options for a Ryzen 5000 basis by the updates. Further options for the Ryzen 5000 processors In the price range of about 50 euros, however, there are also with the newer chipsets A520 and B450 from manufacturers such as Asrock, Gigabytem MSI and Biostar, with ASUS starts from 55 euros.

Support for Ryzen 5000 comes from a new AGESA B BIOS firmware, so theoretically also other motherboards, even from other manufacturers, could offer this innovation. For the two Gigabyte motherboards, a current BIOS is now available – important is that there were three revisions from both models since the release.

Update on Ryzen 5000

Who wants to update, should experience his revision, which is usually printed on the board. For the GA-A320M-S2H in Revision 3.x, the BIOS version F3B is the latest variant, just as for the GA-A320-H in the Revision 3.x. However, the two strongest Zen 3 processors, the Ryzen 9 5900 and Ryzen 5950x, could, despite the now existing compatibility, could be too much of the good as the motherboards may not provide enough electricity to deliver them to 100 percent.

Incidentally, the Ryzen 4000er CPUs are now supported by the new BIOS versions, but these processors are more secondary, as it is hardly available as a new product.

From Antonio Funes
25.10.2021 at 13:30