Triggered by Joshua Kimmich FC Bayern debates about Corona vaccination will employ German football in the coming week.

Other Joshua Kimmichs such as ice hockey currently have to contend with numerous infections. According to experts Kimmichs argument does not hold water in the matter. The most important questions and answers about the hot topic:

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What experts say about Kimmich- concerns ?

Scientific consensus is what Carsten Watzl, Secretary General of the German Society for Immunology, so put it: What obviously many people mean by long-term consequences, namely I that today vaccinated will and next year a side effect, which does not exist, it has never given and will not occur in the Covid-19 vaccination.

The probability that unexpected long-term effects occur is extremely small, almost void. Cardiologist Jonas Zacher from the German Joshua Kimmichs University in Cologne the TV channel Sky said He spoke of a very clear recommendation : The risk from vaccination is much lower than the risk by a Covid-19 infection Therefore clear recommendation for vaccination, and for our national team..

How safe are the corona vaccines?

Kimmich his decision had among other concerns, especially when it comes to lack of long-term studies, says. At the gene-based mRNA vaccines that are based on a new technology, researchers have been working but for decades. The Corona pandemic accelerated the development of enormous: Suddenly, there was a lot more money, scientists plunged worldwide on the subject. Other vector vaccines came to market quickly. In Germany are over 100 million and has been administered worldwide over six billion doses of vaccines Corona, Watzl commented. Therefore, you already know possible rare side effects in vector vaccines such as venous sinus thrombosis. This leads to a closure of certain veins in the brain. The health risks associated with Covid infections are, however, much, much bigger than vaccinations, said Dirk Brockmann of Berlin s Humboldt University.

How many Bundesliga players have since been vaccinated at all?

Official figures does not make the German football league, the clubs are not obliged to publicly on the vaccination status of their players information. With 94 percent of outgoing DFL CEO Christian Seifert recently figured the odds of all teams away. He also appealed to the professionals to get vaccinated, On the one hand, everyone can decide for themselves, on the other hand, it also has a professional responsibility to himself and his body against one earned halt with his body money – and even. quite a bit.

Can play a non-vaccinated player in a stadium where fans only 2G conditions are approved?

As things stand, yes. The concept of the DFL for the clubs and their employees tuned in to an occupational safety concept and with the trade association. This hygienic concept is independent of the spectators. This is the responsibility of the clubs in cooperation with the authorities, who are dependent on the requirements of the country. Therefore, the DFL has no effect on the requirements for the audience, where it is also about concepts for recreational events such as concerts or the like. As a striking example the catering is called like: Because there could be for guests 2G, but the chef has to possibly (vaccinated, recovered or tested) only after 3G judge.

What is the situation in other Joshua Kimmichs?

Especially in tennis there are violent and controversial debates. The world number Novak Djokovic first example has been left open whether he will compete in the face of strict Corona Pads to his title defense in Australia. The 34-year-old Serb has recovered, although by a corona infection, but does not want to make it public if he is vaccinated against the virus or not. This is a private matter, Djokovic had stressed in an interview.

The Austrian Dominic Thiem had said two weeks ago that he was not vaccinated because he was waiting for an inactivated vaccine. but if this is not available quickly enough, he would resort to another vaccine. According to the professional organization ATP, the proportion of vaccinated male players in tennis is approximately 65 percent.

The German Ice Hockey League (DEL) is particularly concerned at the moment: After the numerous cases when EHC München and Düsseldorf EC, the Iserlohn Roosters because of a positive corona tests could not play on Sunday. From the basketball league it was before the season started that up on a player all others were fully immunized in all teams.