Famous Em game threw Chu Shi Biao after a long absence. Em game is selected as the launch of new mobile titles SRPG <Immortal>. It characterized by a strategy that combines simulation and RPG elements, players will manage their estates and to explore the dungeon and must win the war against other guilds forces.

The biggest feature of Em is not the self-developed games. The title was published in the International Development. The mobile strategy RPG genre that Em is the first attempt. What is the reason for Em s decision to publish the on the domestic market? Em business yimyeonggeun shared the story of Directors and Strategy Department. / This Is the game Reporter gimseungju

A variety of PvE content that differentiates them from other strategy simulation strengths

Q. is a new game that Em launched in about two years. Do you have a specific reason to select ?

A. Yimyeonggeun Director: whether Em is launching a new game in the country passed quite a long period of time. The reason the is selected because the content is quite rich compared to other mobile strategy simulation. Therefore let us glimpse the possibility of a new challenge was to continue publishing at will.

Q. There are many deals on popular mobile top priority for already quite a long time SRPG game. What are the factors that differentiate from other games?

A. I ve also played many other strategy games, elements that This game is quite a lot apart from other content related to the PVE. Of course, the final content, but PVP and guild battle, it is equivalent to the content that can be enjoyed in PVE before. Through a variety of content including dungeons, the world map, the Magic Tower can supply the goods and the growth of the hero.

PvP is also the most interesting content on the strategic long game, but a pretty high degree of fatigue. I did a lot of preparation to reduce user fatigue.

Q. Then there any elements you added in the domestic version?

A. definite answer has paid a lot of balls in the collection and PvE hard to give. For example jieumyeon the building, if not it is not a place to watch the soul until the property is completed? In the meantime, he puts it so that you can enjoy different content. For example, oozing a dungeon while building the building is a way to supply the resources.

Q. Combat is a way to continue to combine up to eight heroes. So, if only high grade placement character might seem easy to win.

A. SSR grade hero when you place the hero can be placed only two. Did not pay for the goods paid in the game early stages has committed not to get the feeling of weak.

Q. Strategic factors also significantly stressed.

A. There are four resistance between each job. Spirit gives great help throughout the battle, and also, you can select the artifacts that certain effects up to four. The combination of the specific artifacts You can also use the new skills, collect these artifacts had to get through the unremitting efforts, rather than payments.

Q. Is a character that appeared in applied history, hero, or heroes created?

A . existence hero is not.

And the game background there stand out a lot of European style, this suddenly seems not happen that causes the appearance of the East or the longevity. There are no plans to appear on the uncomely character game Background.

Q. Can you explain in detail the heroes growing System?

A. The hero can be obtained through a subpoena, you can build Collect the pieces. There is not that the hero can not get the payment.

Good for strengthening the supply destination is a hero, there are a variety of paths. Can be obtained catch a monster on the field, the world out to the world monsters, or can obtain the goods from the ordeal that must be challenged with a variety of characters. The release version will be available in the 42 kinds of heroes.

End content PvP … I can feel fun through various guild Content

Q. What is the inter-guild content?

A. can be a feasting estates scramble among guild in World map. We expect to be the most interesting content. In and think-end content. The other party has also attacked the estates to plunder resources.

Q. PvP is not gonna be avoided altogether?

A. I do not think you can have altogether avoided. If the opponent is attacking the estates left all the logs. If the territory will continue to attack the art walls durability consumption all in one go to the territory where a random position, and may change the position manor aims specified with an item.

Q. What exactly will be the world?

A. The two modes separate events. We occupied a number of the world can rise to the impression that the master of the world. If the world can be taken over in the middle of the map during the event can get a lot of benefits. Title may also be obtained separately receive a variety of resources, through the objects in the world around you can. World number one exists per server.

Also lower the content of pantheon . It occupied a shrine in the places you can supply a variety of materials. When officially released to provide an event schedule plan that will guide the user to proceed to any content from time to time.

Q. The cooperation between the guild seems pretty important. So these days the games for even an experienced user to cooperate to help figure out the growth of a beginner, maybe you two related systems?

A. There is the first Dragon buff. The guild can acquire all the guild buffs like when we play hard to grow the game Holly Dragon in the guild. And if a guild member receives payment for goods handing the goods to the entire guild automatically.

If the user is also allowed to level up on your friends list by the user in the window, all the friends get the goods distribution. Giving users drag each other, and prepares the system for help.

Q. Do not rush going on in the field there is also a person-to-person battle?

Configure the deck and the Arena where individuals can work on together. However, unlike the World Arena PvP it proceeds in an asynchronous format. It is a way to challenge the deck put the other party in advance date.

and connecting the target

Q. In the material sent in advance, there has been some talk about the Global Services. Global Services also Em is the one in charge?

SQUID GAME Red Light Green Light Challenge! **SON vs DAD**
A. There is Em with Southeast side All rights reserved. Therefore, Korea and Southeast Asia seem to be able to provide content that may be wars between countries. Although South Korea is expected to launch about three months before, and think in terms the Southeast side of the server to catch up fully from the growth surface.

A little self-developed game service overseas, but it takes the publishing rights for the game developed by third parties that the foreign service is scheduled to pay a lot of balls in the Southeast side service as the first.

Q. When the hero design also looks to be aimed at a market in North America and Western Book developer side, there is the burden of being in charge of Southeast Asia and Korea publishing?

A. I did not even think that not a . But the core of the game is the content rather than graphics. Many users enjoy the content, it is important how we manage fatigue. While shopping for a different strategy game feel that This is the most solid preparation was determined to publish the title.

Q. I wonder whether the additional PC client is also available.

A. geoniwa the story from the inside came out already many good emulators on the market, is not a game to ride a lot of equipment performance. We expect also to existing emulators you can enjoy without difficulty.

Q. I also continue to CBT in the original store, the user response is eottaetneunga?

A. We accept direct complaints related to the game groups are considered unprecedented. CBT period, there were many questions about the game can do a lot longer.

Q. Open schedule is that you are what you think.

A. Within no later than November will be launched. It has committed to launch as soon as possible my perfect quality.

Q. What is the goal Em hope through this publishing?

A. M. within the game next goal is to go all revenues.

Originally these questions if Em but to say that the suit aims to play my best sales, may say I wonak high proportion in Em had also I charge the business part of the seems not (laughs).

Just As mentioned earlier, is a game genre that Em is first prepared. I felt ready to come to a publishing novelty, tipped the ball for long periods in the interior. Expectations are pretty high.

Q. Ask last words for the user to be waiting for

A. users who play the and was ready to do my best to make you feel pleasure. QA testing conducted to detail while localizing, and was only possible to unleash the fun . As a genre for the first time challenge tipped the shell height of the effort. Expect change.